Meniere’s Disease: Cause Unknown – Treatment

Meniere’s disease is an illness that attacks the inner ear, causing dizzy spells under many circumstances. It can happen any time, anywhere. It is a problem experienced by two to five million Americans.

A favorite game for children is to spin round and round until they get dizzy.  Together with other kids,  the dizziness that they experience is pleasurable.   But for adults the experience of undergoing dizzy spells is unwanted.  It can happen while cleaning house, conducting a business meeting, shopping, entertaining friends, or driving.  Those that experience the problem feel as if they are on a merry-go-round.  They get disoriented, with a sense of unreality.  The problem is known as Meniere’s disease. It is an illness that attacks the inner ear.

The problem occurs mysteriously. According to Ronald Amedee, M.D., assistant professor of otolaryngology/head and neck surgery at Tulane University in New Orleans, the problem strikes out of nowhere in totally healthy people, most of whom are between 35 and 55 years old.  The attack usually hits one ear; then you experience an overwhelming dizziness, and possibly a loss of hearing in that ear, perhaps tinnitus which is a constant ringing in the ear.  The dizziness can last anywhere from a few minutes to as long as 24 hours. It can either be mild or severe. At the initial stages of the problem, you can experience three or four attacks per month, or sometimes, more frequently.

Meniere’s disease may eventually burn itself out after years of misery.  Meanwhile, there may be a possibility that your hearing in the affected ear can be partially or totally lost. This happens for the reason that there is an intricate link between hearing and balance. According to Dr. Amedee, the inner ear is two organs in one. It holds the cochlea, the hearing organ, and the labyrinth, the balance organ. The balance organ is disrupted, as a result of which, the hearing organ is destroyed, in the absence of any treatment.

Treatment:  In spite of the mysterious nature of the problem, doctors have come up with successful treatments, such as motion sickness drugs (antihistamines), allowing the balance organ the needed rest. The usual motion sickness drug is meclizine (Antivert).   Your doctor may prescribe diuretic drugs, such as the kind that are prescribed for blood pressure, in order to allay the pressure that is caused by fluids in the inner ear.  However, the drugs have side effects. They can make you drowsy, cause bladder problems in men, weakness, or rarely, impotence. 

The drugs prescribed may not cure the problem, but the attacks become less frequent and less severe, and most importantly, help preserve your hearing.  The success rate if 75 to 80 percent.

Meniere’s disease cannot be permanently prevented and should be handled by your doctor.  People do quite well with conservative therapy, helping them to work normally, drive, and stay physically active.


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  1. Manieres disease is preceded by the disease of the inner ear,
    Owing to a viral infection, a virus, at times which survives on old outdated mango pickles.
    I had this kind of viral vertigo, loss of balance and hearing, disease and I was an acute victim of Vertigo. Apart from taking Cinzan, under medical advice, the neuro surgeon said I would not survive in a stable manner.

    I did not accept his version and by auto suggestion, I saved my balance and can hear more than partially and well too. I drive miles whereas he said I would never be able to do so ever in this only life.

    I have a suggestion be positive minded, and say to yourself in the form of meditation

    ‘’I will be well, I will be well’’
    And you will be well. That was in 1998 and today, I drive miles and rest lesser, I can hear, but the inner ear liquid has dried so the ear pressure is unequal. I keep blowing, by holding my nose, it is irritable, but then either you do it for your own sake or you don’t. Hope this helps. If any one needs any help, do let me know through Triond email. Take Neurobin, that is B –Complex, regularly and have a

    ‘’ POSITIVE THOUGHT and attitude,
    And avoid grief ceremonies, as far as possible.


  2. Very nice one to share..

  3. Very nice one to share…..

  4. I suffered from this when I was in my thirties and it continued for several years and at times was debilitating as I could barely get out of bed for fear of falling over. The remedies from the doctor did little to help. It is only in the last few years I can bend down without getting dizzy. Thank you for explaining what causes it.


  5. I like the comment that you know more about you than docs…unfortunately with Meniere’s Disease this is often the case

    You should experiment with your diet and find things that triggers attacks, then cut them out of your diet.

  6. I have Ménière’s and have my own article on it.

    As for the meditation. That does not work for everyone. I live with Ménière’s 24 – 7 and it is a brutal disease. I have tried almost everything and I know what my triggers are – what to avoid and what to do to help the attacks, which often isn’t much.

    It is nice to see other articles and opinions on Ménière’s – whether I agree or not I\’m glad it is being discussed.

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