Mick Mars

This is a article about the great guitarist mick mars.

mick mars born bob alan deal  in may of 1951 is the legendary guitarist from the hard rock band motley crue

he has always been a fan of blues music but those bands he played in never took off as well as motley crue.

he has had a medical condition called ankylosing spondylitis a super chronic form of arthritis were his joints fill in with a fluid that then hardens resulting in loss of movement even thourgh all of this he still plays every show that they schedule and thats why he isnt as active as other guitarists prancing about on the stage

he always wears a top hat and lately has been using gibson les pauls alot

he has 2 children a boy names les paul and stormy with his first wife and another named erik from a former girlfreind.

he has currnently not released his own book yet but he did write his part in the motley crue story titeled “the dirt”

i believe he is a true inspiration to anyone especially people with a illness and people saying you can never be what you want mick proves that you can do anything you set your mind to

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