Misleading Myths About Hypertension

Misleading Myths About Hypertension.

The aboriginal myth: “the archetypal affection of hypertension are blackout or abscessed close that” allegory is 100 percent wrong!!

Many belief are associated with top claret burden (hypertension) that abide in the association & yet accept believed terkanjur allegory is actual ambiguous & could abuse patients with hypertension. Here are belief about hypertension that is ambiguous in cardiology specialists from the National Affection Middle of Hope They, Santoso Karo Karo (quoted from

the accuracy is: hypertension has no specific complaints, & complaints like the aloft can be acquired by added things.

The alone way to apperceive your claret burden is a claret burden check.

The accuracy is:. If hypertension is controlled with medication, even hypertension can accident ambition organs such as kidneys, heart, brain, & claret vessels, “he said.

Myth: “taking hypertension medication every day can could cause branch problems” allegory is aswell false!

Correct is: aged humans with hypertension tend to be added affected to the ambition agency destroy, so the alone way to anticipate this is by demography anti-hypertensive drugs

The third myth: “Elderly humans with hypertension do not accept to yield medication for the ache was advised a accustomed bloom disorders in the elderly” allegory is aswell false.!

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