Molly Girl’s Rough Summer

I am sorry about my lack of commenting and viewing. Things have settled down, so I am back to viewing all friends work. I may not have time to comment, but the views will be numerous.

My father-in-law passed away in June, and I cannot count the number of times I have had to take my 91 year old dad to the emergency room. My 90 year old mother is in a nursing home, so there are numerous visits to check on her care.  We are also in the middle of a move.  The big house was too much for us, and now we are moving to a smaller ranch home.  No stairs!

Elder parent care is quite taxing.  My sister and I have been caring for them for 13 years, and we are so very tired.  Every time the phone rings, my heart sinks.  It usually is another parent emergency.  I write articles the nursing home, doctor’s offices, and emergency rooms. 

Everyone on Triond has been so very kind.  Friends still view and comment on my work even though I have not been able to do so.  Thank you for your kindness. 

I in the nephrologist’s office with Dad.  He did beat bladder cancer at age 88, but chemo and radiation did a number on his kidneys.

My apologies to all.  Let the viewing begin.

Molly Girl

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  1. Good work thank you for sharing.

  2. So sorry to here of all your trouble Dear Molly, you take care thanks for letting us know. God Bless your friend lauralu

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