Mouth Ulcers

Open sores in the mouth occur inside the lower
lip, although they are common on the tongue, gums,
and inside the cheeks. Aphthous ulcers are the most
common kind and appear as round or oval yellow
spots with an inflamed outline. They should go
away by themselves in 10-14 days, but if they’re
recurrent, or prevent eating, see your doctor.

All mouth ulcers are painful. Your child
may have difficulty eating, especially food that is
acidic or salty, and may refuse food.

If your child has an aphthous ulcer, try
applying an antiseptic jelly (ask for something in
orobase, a base which doesn’t dissolve in saliva), to
the affected area, and giving paracetamol elixir. Your
doctor may prescribe an anti—inflammatory cream
if the ulcer is severe. Avoid anything containing a
local anaesthetic as allergies may occur.
Try to eliminate the underlying cause: ask your
dentist to file down any rough teeth; discourage
your child from biting his cheeks; or, if you are
bottlefeeding your babyg try using a softer teat.
Whatever the type of ulcer, you should liquidize
your child’s foods, give him a straw to drink through,
and avoid salty or acidic foods.

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