My Experience with Flu Shots

They have helped me.

Well its come to that time of the year then when the CDC will be releasing the annual flu shot! Many people have avoided getting the flu shot for whatever reasons they deem but the CDC is really saying you should get vaccinated this year. I am going to put aside all the facts that you can google search and tell you my experience with the flu shot.

Well I have never gotten a flu shot until last year but it really did help. Before getting my flu shot last year every past year before that I was the type of person that had to take around 10 days of school off every year. I got sick quite a bit you could say so last year my parents thought it was nessacery that I get a flu shot. Well I can say that last year I only was sick for one day with just a small stomach sickness. The shot worked out 100% for me I have to say and I am happily getting it again this year.

If you are not aware where to get a flu shot you can get one practically at any local pharmacy. Wal-Greens, Target, and Wal Mart all give flu shots and you do not need to go to your actual doctor to get one but you can if you would like to. Flu shots don’t always work for everyone but its one of those things that differ person to person, your best option is to at least try it one year.

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