Natural Apologetics: Why I Take Natural Supplements for My Thyroid Instead of Synthroid

The cause of a low thyroid and how simple it is to solve the root cause when you understand why your thyroid gets low.

You are responsible for consulting your health care professionals, and responsible for your own health. This is meant for educational information only. Don’t jump off of any drug all of a sudden — especially thyroid drugs — because this can be dangerous. Consult your medical professionals for any changes to make in your health practices. Try to find a good alternative doctor who understands this information if you would like to follow up on it.


1. The quick answer to why I don’t want to take a drug for my thyroid is that I would become a walking pharmacy if I took a drug for every little problem my body ever had (100-200 symptoms from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome during one stretch of a few years). Instead, I reach for the knowledge to find root causes.

2. Secondly, I understand that everything I put into or onto my body causes effects other than the original intended effects (”side effects”). In the long run this digging for the root causes is more effective because I understand that the cause of one problem is related to another problem…is related to another problem….is related to another problem…..and in the same way….something I do for health is related to making another part of my body healthier….. everything we do causes “side effects.” I choose my side effects to be good ones through use of natural products, so that I don’t need to cover them up with another drug. The side effect of my body temperature going back up to normal is a sex drive, sleeping well, and good moods (three things I don’t have to medicate with another pharmaceutical product).

3. Third, everything in the body is interrelated, and prescription drugs burden the liver, which has a job of removing toxins from the body. Because of everything being interrelated, just because you shut off one problem with a drug, does not mean that the cause (a deficiency in a vitamin or mineral) is not causing problems in other parts of the body. Having the liver burdened can cause its own problems in time.

4. The fourth reason why I resist traditional medication for thyroid is that I understand why my thyroid gets low and can return it to normal function at will within one to three weeks with natural products that are not dangerous (to me) in the least and can be stopped and started without problem. If I stayed on the products most of the time that would be optimal, but sometimes I run out or just want to take a break to keep it working effectively.

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  1. This is a brilliant article. If more people only knew and understood how much control they do have over their own bodies and their own selves, what a different world this would be.

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