Natural Remedies for Mouth Ulcer

A mouth ulcer also called as Oral Ulcer, is an open sore, white spot inside the oral cavity. It mostly affects the tip of the tongue, sides of the cheeks and inner side of the lip, below the jaws.

A mouth ulcer also called as oral ulcer, is an open sore, white spot inside the oral cavity. It mostly affects the tip of the tongue, sides of the cheeks and inner side of the lip, below the jaws. Mouth ulcer can be classified into two types.

1.       Aphthous ulcer which is also called as canker sores.

2.       Cold sore, which is caused by the herpes simplex virus.

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Before turning into complete mouth ulcer, it starts as a sharp stinging blister, with burning sensation, which aggregates more when you speak or eat. After few days, the white spot blister will turn into red plump spot, which may then break into open ulcer.


The most common causes of mouth ulcer are

1.       Consumption of more spicy foods.

2.       Consumption of more acidic foods.

3.       Over reaction of body’s immune system.

4.       Less water consumption.

5.       Oral health – like brushing & mouthwash.

6.       Vitamin B12 deficiency in the body.

7.       Consumption of very hot or very cold food.

8.       Accidental bite injuries.

9.       Expose of yourself in hot sun for long time.

10.   Hormone changes.

11.   Food Allergies.

12.   French style kisses.

Natural Remedies

I have suffered with this mouth ulcer few years before. The one and only thing I used as medicine was, natural, unsalted butter, which my mother prepared in home itself. I used to apply it and swallow a bulk too. Two days I suffered like anything, that I couldn’t even open my mouth to speak or eat. I kept my mouth tightly closed, even without moving my tongue inside. My brothers mocked me a lot at that time, as they found it first time in their life that I didn’t react back with sharp words ;)

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Apart from these, here are few more remedies.

1.       Chew holy basil leaves (called as Tulsi in India). It helps to get rid of this nasty mouth ulcer as well as bad breathe.

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2.       Apply unsalted butter or ghee. It would be better if you use homemade items.

3.       Eat plenty of coconut. Don’t bite your lip and tongue again, instead of coconut and aggregate your problem.

4.       Apply coconut oil or peppermint oil before going to bed, and also in between the day, if possible.

5.       Drink plenty of water and tender coconut water.

6.       Drinking Mulberry juice also helps for curing mouth ulcer.

7.       Massage with coconut milk, mixed with honey also has effects in curing.

8.       Consumption of banana, gooseberry, milk and curd helps a lot.

9.       Add 1tsp of coriander seed to a cup of water and boil it. Once when the water turns warm, gargle using it. Repeat doing this as much as possible.

10.   Applying a pinch of turmeric mixed with little glycerin too helps.

11.   Consumption of iron rich food and fruit items (like broccoli, kiwi) also helps in curing.

12.   Avoid having spicy, hot foods. Also avoid coffee, tea.

If you don’t see any improvement with any of these home remedies, within two days, then don’t delay much. Meet your doctor immediately.


The general treatments are based on antibiotics and steroids, if the severity is high. Else may prescribe some ointments and gels to get rid of this nasty blister.

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