Natural Remedies for Snake Bites

A snake bite can be deadly and is always painful. If you use natural remedies to treat a snake bite, before you get to a hospital, it may save your life.

Whether walking in the woods or in your own urban or rural areas, always watch carefully where you step. Most snakes do not naturally want to bite humans, but their protective instincts will cause them to bite if they feel threatened.

If you are bitten by any snake, get to a hospital as quickly as possible.  However, in the interim, keep the following natural remedies on hand to use as soon as you are bitten.  These remedies are not to replace medical attention, but will help to slow the poisonous symptoms of the snake bite.

  • Grapevine leaves:

If you do not have a grapevine growing in your yard, the wild muscadine vines are also in the grape family and can be found in many wooded areas.  If you do not have either, purchase dried grapevine leaves at any natural food store.

To apply grapevine leaves, make a paste of 2 tablespoons of crushed leaves mixed with a little hot water and hold the paste on the snakebite area with gauze or a band-aid.  Grapevine leaves can be used fresh or dried, but fresh is better for snakebites.

  • Plantain:

Plantain is a wild plant found in most yards.  Many homeowners tend to try to kill it from their lawns and consider it invasive.  However, it is one of nature’s most powerful medicines, and has multiple medicinal purposes besides using it for snakebites.  Search the Internet for a picture of Plantain so that you know in advance what it looks like, in the event that you are bitten by a snake. 

Harvest Plantain for drying, after the flower spikes have formed, to retain the medicinal qualities.  Plantain can be used in fresh or dried form, so when you locate it in your yard, go ahead and dry some by placing the leaves in a sunny window; they are dry when they are brittle to the touch.  Crush the dried leaves and store them in a tightly capped bottle in a dark place. 

Plantain leaves are used for snakebites by preparing and applying it the same as grape leaves, as described above.  Always use very hot water when making a Plantain paste.  However, it is the roots of Plantain that contain the most anti-venom properties.  Pull up an entire fresh Plantain plant, chop off the root of it, wash it under running water, then apply the root to the snakebite area.

Plantain is also edible.  Its’ leaf properties include abilities to stop bleeding, and also encourage repair of damaged tissues, such as occurs with a snake bite.  Grab some green Plantain leaves and chew them while on your way to the hospital.

Give yourself the best fighting chance to recover from a snakebite by utilizing some of nature’s best natural remedies.

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  1. It is also worth looking at a website from an organisation called Working with Wildlife at They have snake bite first aid sheets that you can download for free and there is a heap of information on snakes and their behaviour there.

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