Natural Remedies for Sun Burn

Great ways to treat sunburn naturally.

 Warm weather has finally peeked its head out at us and we can’t wait to enjoy it with outside sports, swimming, fishing and more. But outside fun is sometimes accompanied by pain, the pain of sunburn that is. We tend to forget about the sun rays when were out having fun.  The good news is that there are natural ways of treating sunburn.

Once we realize that we have gotten sunburn, one of the best feelings is to take a cool shower. This does help ease the pain of sunburn but it will not heal it.  There is only one real cure for sunburn and that is patience, sunburn is a burning of the skin, and like any burn we may endure the only actual treatment is time. However they are a lot of natural remedies that can be used to make our wait a lot less uncomfortable. 

The most commonly know remedy is aloe. The aloe plant leaf contains a cool jelly like substance which when applied to your burned skin can soothe and reduce pain temporarily.

 Another great remedy that you may have not heard of before is strawberries. Blend strawberries and goat milk together using your blender to make a healing lotion. The strawberries reduce redness and rash, the goat milk cools and minimizes irritation.   

Or you could try a cucumber soak, which is a cool bath with nothing added in but cucumber chunks. Cucumbers are naturally cool and nourishing for the skin. They have been used for years on the eyes to relieve strain and puffiness. When the cucumbers and the cool water are combined it creates a cooling sensation for your burns that last for hours.  

While your skin is healing you should consider wearing loose fitting clothes. The rubbing of fabric against your skin can cause more irritation, so loose is better. Also light colored clothing is thought of as more cooling. So this also would be a recommendation. Although it may seem impossible you should try not to scratch either. Scratching will cause your blisters if any to break open and result in more pain and longer healing time. Be sure once your sunburn has healed that you drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. This alone can help fight sunburn. Dehydration and heat exhaustion are one of the many reasons we burn so easily.  

Over all the best idea would be to try to plan most of your activities for the evening. When the sun starts to go down, the atmosphere begins to cool. This way you’re not directly in the sun and you more than likely will not get burned. 

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  1. Great advice. I have never heard of adding cucumber to a bath, but it does make sense- cucumber is very soothing. I use aloe vera too, just cut a leaf off the plant slice it lengthwise, and rub the goo on a burn. I have heart that the cool shower as soon as possible after getting sunburnt is not only soothing, but it stops the heat that is trapped in your skin from doing further damage.

    Great article – very informative.

  2. Great Advice Regina.

  3. i have a serious problem with damage from the sun thanks for the advice

  4. I love natural remedies. I have used some of those and it worked out well.

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