Natural Remedies Two

Here I am going to help you use natural cures.

About 1 in 5 women will experience leg cramps sometime in their life. You don’t have to suffer much longer. And you don’t have to go to your doctor for a prescription pain pill. You don’t have to ruin your stomach on aspirin. All you have to do for a natural remedy is to daily have a 10 ounce glass of tomato juice. This natural remedy will take about 10 days to work. I know it is longer than an over the counter prescription. But just think, you’ll be saving your body from the dangers of medications. I think it is worth it. THe reason the tomato juice works is because potassium helps the muscles to stop being tight.

Have you ever cooked an appetizing dinner for your husband or boyfriend and things are going along swimmingly, and just when you thought things were going great, time to take the roast out and your oven mitt doesn’t do its job and you get burned on your finger. What to do now? You can choose to ignore it, but that would take great fortitude. You can put ice on it. Through research I found a good way to ease the pain of a burn that I never heard of before. It works within 5 minutes so you don’t have to suffer much. Are you saying to yourself just what is this natural treatment. The way to treat yourself according to research from UCLA, you put the burn under running water that is cool for two minutes. Then wet a tea bag with cool water and hold the wet teabag that is cool on the burn until the stinging leaves your burn. If you don’t drink tea, (but cook a lot) you should buy a small box to keep on hand when you burn yourself cooking or with your curling iron.

Do you ever feel bloated for an extended period of time and it is not PMS? You could go to your doctor and get a diuretic if it is causing you troubles with your weight or even if you just don’t like the feeling of being bloated. THe cure is to eat a cup of pineapple a day because it acts as a natural diuretic. That’s not so hard is it? But, don’t expect a miracle as it takes 72 hours to work.

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