Natural Remedy for Diarrhea

How to treat diarrhea without taking drugs.

I always get problems with my stomach whether indigestion, gas and most of the time, diarrhea . I always get diarrhea at home especially when I came back from another country. Furthermore, when I came from a party and I ate different kinds of dishes, expect it, the next day I will have diarrhea. 

I was told that treating diarrhea should not be done by taking medicines right away as it would stop releasing all the waste and toxins of the body. If a medicine is taken, diarrhea will stop and toxins will remain in our body. A friend suggested me that instead of taking medicine, it would be better to eat apple and drink a coke. The coke should be left opened for about 10 minutes before drinking and eat as much apples as I can. I have taken the advice whenever I get diarrhea, just coke and apples for the day and it was proven effective. The next day my stomach gets back to normal.

During the days that I was working as a tourist guide, I suddenly catch diarrhea during our trip to the mountains. Upon reaching the hotel in the evening my stomach was terrible, maybe I got it from the food we have taken along the way. Big problem for me as the following day, the tour will be to the rice terraces and to the villages of the mountain people, there will be no suitable WCs in the vicinity except at the back of the tree trunks or some big boulders of stones LOL! During breakfast at the restaurant, my colleagues who were also tour guides wondered why I did not order for the normal breakfast. I told them my problem and they told me to drink a coke mixed with corn starch. They called the waiter and asked for a bottle of coke and a corn starch. When the waiter served the same, they mixed the corn starch and the coke in a glass and had me drank the mixture. The taste was so terrible that I almost blew it out but they urged me to finish it if I want to be well. Afterwards, they gave me a slice of bread with nothing on it, just plain bread so my stomach has something to digest. My guests and I proceeded with the tour and thanks God! my stomach did not bother me at all. At the end of the day when we went back to the hotel, I was perfectly ok.

The above are just first aid suggestions, in case that the diarrhea was not eliminated at least on the third day, it is recommended to see the doctor as there are many causes of this disease that would require professional medical attention.

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