Natural Ways to Sleep Fast

Natural ways to sleep fast.

More and more advanced age. More and more human activity. Then the man getting busy with various activities in this life. In the rush of so many, the disease is a disorder that has always plagued the so-called sleep or insomnia. The more often a busy man, the more often it is difficult to sleep.

Shortcut solutions to cope with sleep problems is by taking sleeping pills. Though there are side effects. Ie you get hooked, because these drugs often contain addictive substances. Even sleeping medications are also always digubungkan with damage to the liver function. A Joanne Getsy, MD, medical director of Sleeping Center at Drexel University College of Medicine, Drexel of Philadelphia, he said, “The way that natural sleep is the best.”

To overcome the problem of insomnia you can take advantage of natural ingredients like tea of ​​chamomile, lavender, and valerian. The way you simply menyeduhnya as body warmers beverage before bed.

But if you want to try other alternatives, please follow the steps below:

- Using Aromatherapy Lavender

Suggested using lavender scent to repel insomnia and anxiety disorders during sleep. You can get it through the lavender aromatherapy oil is burned. The smell of lavender scent that enveloped the room will instantly make the sleepiness. If you’re making your own, combine lavender flowers with water, then you just spray it on the pillow. Or there are other, more potent. Do I mix a few drops of lavender oil with fragrances such as almond or olive, apply right under your nose when you want to sleep more quickly.

- Enjoy Milk

Tryptophan and the amino acid is one substance that can help you bring in sleepiness. Tryptophan, an amino acid is a substance that can raise levels of serotonin in the brain. A study showed that consuming tryptophan can help you to sleep quickly. You can get tryptophan and the amino acids of various types of dairy products. There is no harm in providing a glass of milk to get quality sleep, good and healthy. And certainly not addicted

- Listen to Music Strains

To alleviate sleep disorders or insomnia you can also use other ways such as listening to music is relaxing. Do not be hard as rock music. You are advised to listen to relaxing tunes while sleeping. Close your mara while feeling the effects of relaxation.

- Pray.

Seem trivial. But believe that prayer can relieve the anxious thoughts after a day of activities. Pray that the way religion and will not cause any side effects at all. You can calm even in prayer.

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  1. I suffer from insomnia … this is a very helpful article for me. The only thing I’d like to add is that playing music isn’t very good for me, because it makes me more awake and alert than ever!

  2. actually the same, I also suffer from insomnia.
    but now become accustomed to, and always slept in the morning sampek afternoon, when staying up all night: D

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