Nature : Cure Hemoroid

So many traditional ingredients can cure hemoroid.

Hemorrhoid disease or often we refer to as hemorrhoids in medical terms is called hemorhoids. This disorder occurs because the blood vessels in the anal region widened due to blocked blood flow to the heart. Dilated vessels that will be covered with mucous membranes, skin, connective tissue or smooth muscle that made ​​an impression over time to form a bulge. In the anatomy of hemorrhoids is not actually a disease but rather a change in bearing veins in the area where the section anal. In three anal veins or arteries. If one is disturbed or there is a dam the flow of the blood vessels will be dilated or swollen. This is called a hemorrhoid. Now, there have been new discoveries in the world health that deal with this problem is overcome powerful traditional medicine hemorrhoid. So what is traditional medicine?

If there is a saying derived from the descendants of the hemorrhoid, then it is not entirely correct because it is only 10-15% of cases prove to be accurate ever. Symptoms of hemorrhoid disease vary depending on the severity. But at first the complaints during bowel movements such as burning, itching, and stinging pain also in the area around the anus. Other symptoms of soft lump in the rectum and the numbers could be more than one and after a bowel movement there is a trickle of fresh blood in the anal area. If you feel these symptoms then immediately perform a traditional drug treatment powerful tackle this pile.

There are some that you can enable the plant to treat hemorrhoid pain that you are:


Finely crushed garlic to taste and squeeze and take the water. Apply the juice of garlic around the anus each day.


Boil 3 leaves bark in 1 cup of water. Strain and add brown sugar to taste. Drink 2 times a day routine. This treatment for hemorrhoids are usually not severe and the disease will be cured within 15 days.


7 Rinse and purple leaves and fennel pulosari. Boil in 3 cups water, simmer until the remaining 1 cup water. Strain and drink every morning regularly.

A window called Wungu leaf or leaves are purple (Graptophyllum pictum L.) is widely known as a hemorrhoid medication. These leaves contain flavonoid compounds that are antinflamasi so as to reduce inflammation, pain and rectal bleeding.

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