Negative Effect of Stress on Human Health

The source of every disease is stress.

Stress affects health and causes burnout; chronic stress especially creates many health problems. The effects of stress in people are seen physically, mentally as well as emotionally. Immediate effects of stress include tiredness, lack of concentration, headaches, sadness, fever, and accelerated heart rate. Other effects are short term loss of memory, irritability, fear, and muscular tension. Stress thus incurred even for a short while affects your strength, mortality, dexterity, and personality.

It is believed by doctors and researchers that up to 90% of all health problems may be related to stress. People under stress experience slower responses and malfunctioning of their systems like the digestive systems. Also they experience difficulty in the regular functioning of the body. The negative effects can range from constipation, anorexia, difficulty urinating as well as up to erectile dysfunction and difficulty maintaining sexual arousal. Prolonged stress responses may result in chronic malfunctioning of the immune system and make the body an easy prey for infections.

The link between stress and heart disease is also quite well-known. Stress causes increase in the heart rate as well as high blood pressure. Under continuous stress artery walls scar and thicken reducing the supply of blood and oxygen to the heart. This can cause a heart attack. Indeed the frequency of heart attacks has increased while the age of victim shas become lower as a result of today’s stressful life. Stress sometimes intensifies the sufferings of arthritis and diabetes patients by adversely affecting their immune system. Research is also going on to prove significant links between stress and cancer.

The indirect effects of stress are also equally harmful. In order to relieve stress people are more likely to indulge in heavy drinking and smoking to get immediate psychological relief. They can work so hard that they do not exercise or eat properly. They may cut down on sleep which further affects the health. As a consequence people should take stress seriously instead of ignoring it. Stress management is the only effective way to deal with stress and prevent it from destroying your health.

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  1. Very interesting. I will have to watch my stress levels.

  2. Your article is very true. I have had a lot of extra stress in my life lately and have felt very fatigued when usually i am full of energy. I have been watching a lot of funny stuff lately because i have found that laughter counter acts with stress. I can already feel my energy levels turning back to normal. Keep up the good work on your articles. Cyndee

  3. Excellent write and so very true. yes, laughter is the best medicne for all stresses.

  4. Just a little thought…stress also leads to suicide, the number 3 cause of death to American adolescents. And laughter is definitely the cure! Great article.

  5. Stress can be toxic…good job!

  6. Great information!

  7. Yes, stress can cause all kinds of problems…well done…I learned a lot.

  8. It’s not easy to battle the stress nowadays but we must to. Thanks for the article.

  9. the story was bery well written and very informative. Maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but i didn’t realize how much stress was related to our health

  10. could not be said better. manage your stress levels and you on top with your health. lot more people will want to know how to manage this monster called stress. thanks for such detailed information.

  11. Time for some stress-busting. Thanks for the reminder : ).

    Happy 2009!

    Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

  12. Nice article, thanks for the information on stress

  13. Informative and honest, well done…

  14. informative write!

  15. I think you’re all on drugs.

  16. Very Informative article…..I learned a lot.Thanks.

  17. the article has proved very useful in gaining knowledge in relation to stress related diseases

  18. Interesting!

  19. Yup, stress can couse a lot of problem. we better check our stress level and try to keep it under control.

  20. it’s obvious isn’t it

  21. Very Interesting article, may we all have a stress free world.

  22. Helpful.

  23. Indeed a very well written article, very informative thanks for posting it on the net..I could use this as reference and many others can also use it.
    Thanks again..
    Jain Neha

  24. The Disease of 21th Century: Vitiligo

  25. If there´s much input it is the same what happens to the black body radiation – the more often there occurs some input the lower the overall power gets if the frequency of inputs gets over a certain point.

    That´s why it is necessary to also have time for irrationality, to have output that doesn´t make sense.

  26. Life and stress go hand in hand. Stress is part of the package. In assessing the impact and the value of stress in our lives, it’s helpful to have a clear definition of the phenomenon. Here is one that works: stress is an internal process that occurs when a person is faced with a demand that he or she feels cannot be met. Failure is not an option, in the sense that failure will lead to consequences so dire as to be unacceptable. Stress is experienced when there is awareness of an imbalance between the rigors of what is in demand and the ability to perform.

    Strain is one of the physical negative effects of stress. Strain may appear as fatigue, irritability, difficulty concentrating, insomnia and general reduced functionality. Depression and anxiety are closely related to the perception of stress in one’s life and can contribute to drug and alcohol abuse along with other forms of increased risk taking.

    Direct medical impact from stress can also be found, however, with a number of physical maladies. As an overall negative impact, stress can effect a lessening in our resistance to disease.

  27. Yes, that’s too bad. Unfortunately there’s also a bad side of the stress. Nicely written article, Thanks.

    Some hours ago I actually wrote an article about methods to avoid stress. Please check it out if you care.

    Best regards,
    BluSphere :-)

  28. There is no doubt about it stress does affect the health. There is different types of stress and also different people cope with stress in better ways or in some cases worse ways. It is best to monitor one’ health and keep aware if you are getting stressed. I think if you think positive, laugh, sing and go for walks in parks and nature, the stress will reduce. I also think excercise is important in keeping stress down. Prolonged stress is very bad and it takes a long time to reduce it. If that happens to you try to take action as soon as you can and seek advice.

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