New Blood Thinner to Attack Harmful Blood Clots

Rivaroxaban is a new blood thinnner which seems to be safe and effective, according to research studies, but will cost more than the other blood thinners.

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Rivaroxaban is showing to be safe and effective for blood clots, when compared to its other blood thinner counterparts, according to research studies, but is more expensive.

Dr. Harry Buller, professor of medicine at the Academic Medical Center at the University of Amsterdam, said that rivaroxaban, when given orally, will make the management of blood clot therapy easier than the current standard treatment.

Life-threatening blood clots usually occur in the lower extremities, so this new blood clot medicine can be quite beneficial.  The New England Journal of Medicine has published this information online December 4th.

The research study funding for rivaroxaban came from Bayer Schering Pharma and Ortho-McNeil, but to date, has not been approved by the Food and Drug Adminstration; there still needs to be more research.

Several authors have noted that 2 million people suffer from a Deep Vein Thrombosis, or a developed clot formed deep in a vein.  The danger is that if people are not moving their legs, such as in the case of long airplane flights, the clot can break off from the vein and travel to the lungs and cause a deadly pulmonary embolism.

People with Deep Vein Thombosis are currently receiving Warfarin (Coumadin) and/or Heparin to prevent this complication.  But people on these medications must be promptly monitored, because they could have severe bleeding. 

Dr. Buller has lead a study, comparing Rivaroxaban with Enoxaparin (Lovenox-A heparin-type medication). Overall the results had favored Rivaroxaban in comparison with Exonaparin (Clotting was 2.1 % vs. 3%) and there was less bleeding associated with the Rivaroxaban.

Although Rivaroxaban is more expensive that other blood thinners, people taking this medication do not need to have their blood monitored, they are able to spend more time at work, and can be assured that there is a less risk of bleeding.

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