New Study on Cancer Treatment Easier with Nanoparticles

Here is an interesting way a professor is studying to treat cancer easier.

Robert Morris University in Moon Township, Pa has a study going eto find a novel way to battle cancer that will make it easier on people undergoing chemotherapy.

An assistant professor of physics at Robert Morris University, Gavin Buxton is trying to represent nanoparticles utilizing a computer simulator and these nanoparticles  could send drugs they were using to battle the cancer to promptly to the tumor and not affect other healthy parts of your body.

In Bruxton’s newest investigation he made a nanoparticles that contained  a cancer fighting drug in liquid form that is enveloped by a layer of water repellent polymer that can be compared to a plastic.

The polymer captures and holds in the drug while it is journeying until it arrives at tissues that are acidic. These acidic tissues surround the tumor and the medicine is released near the cancer resisting damage to other healthy cells.

Buxton asserts, “The idea is that instead of trying to come up with new drugs, let’s try to forget the drugs so that they go straight to where the cancer is , and they don’t even harm the healthy tissue..

Nigel Clarke of the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom helped Bruxton with this investigation and the study was published in The Journal of Soft Matter by the Royal Society of Chemistry.”

These nanoparticles have not been made and used. In real experiments the computer simulator is simpler  and is less expensive for him and others worming with him

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  1. What a wonderful breakthrough. Let us pray it works.

  2. Very interesting.

  3. useful share

  4. I hope they start the clinical trials soon. :D This is good stuff! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Any manner to ease the pain for chemotherapy patients is great, in my opinion. We need to rid our bodies of cancer for ever!

  6. very interesting thanks

  7. Fantastic article and what a breakthrough if it works
    Best Wishes

  8. Good news for the cancer patient

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