Nick Cannon "America’s Got Talent" Reveals Latest Health Scare: Blood Clots and Heart Trouble!

Happiness to get the twins seems did not have much effect on the health of Nick Cannon. Mariah Carey’s husband was once again rushed to the hospital!

About a month ago, the actor is now busy with radio and television had been treated for kidney failure. Now,  Nick Cannon is threatened by the hospital stating that the flurry of work would threaten his life. 

“I’ve been hospitalized since Friday (10/2), and in fact, my illness is serious enough. I do not even know what (the pain). I was in pain and trying not to be hospitalized because of pain in the back that I felt. I think it’s just plain sick of kidney failure I’ve ever had, but it was far more painful, “said Nick Cannon in his radio broadcast, 92.3 NOW.
After undergoing the examination, it seems there are two blood clots in the lungs of these Drumline star. In addition, the veins on the right heart was too wide. Both are caused by air travel is too often done.

“I travel a lot. All the people who fly frequently may have a blood clot, because the problem may start in the legs or lower back underneath you. Therefore, the bad state of health has made me more vulnerable,” he continued.
Although suffering from a severe illness,   Nick Cannon is still grateful. The reason is, most people with blood clots in the lungs can not survive. “My doctor told me, thank goodness you are fit enough, because most people who have blood clots in his lungs could not breathe, and finally stopped breathing. I still do not feel I can not breathe, but was very sick when taking a breath. But my doctor had to handle and now everything is fine, “said the man is hilarious.

And most importantly,   Nick Cannon could take a lesson from this problem. One way is to reduce the tremendous rush that lived during this time. “My doctor told me that my job would kill me, and he was not joking. I think my health deteriorated because I do not have time to rest and too much work,” he concluded. Hope ya get better soon!

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