Night Terrors

An article about night terrors.

Alright night terrors are one of those things that unless someone lives in the same house as you you probably don’t know you have it. The reason for this is because all it is is youscream at the top of your lungs like someones trying to kill you for about a minute or longer. Now the only effect this will have on the person actually having them is usually being a little more tired than usual. They will not remember the dream that caused it and that’s probably a good thing because I have night terrors and every once and a while you’ll wake up screaming but that’s only happened twice for me. But when it’s happened I was deathly afraid of my surroundings and I had no clue why I was either. The most common causes of night terrors are lack of sleep and stress from your everyday life. Now night terrors are weird in that if you have them every night for a month then they can go away for a year or two overnight. The reason for that is because its directly related to stress or lack of sleep. So if you can’t stop either of those two things from happening you can go to the Doctor and he will prescribe a medicine and they’ll go away for as long as your taking the medicine. When I took the medicine I felt like I had a lot more energy throughout the day but you don’t have to worry about getting addicted to it either because i took it every night for a month or two then just stopped taking it because my life got less stressful. So I recommend getting the medicine but you don’t need it.

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