Not Just a Pill: All Means of Treating Migraine and Headaches

From small pain to a stubborn and miserable Migraine, there ways to get over your headache. Analgesic pills, change diet habits and even shiatsu, will help convey the pain and make you feel so much better.

Job stress and fear of economic insecurity are among the most common causes of headaches. Alongside with problems with a spouse produce tension that cause us a painful headacheand that interfere with our day – to – day function.

The most common headaches are migraine and headache angina. Migraine is a severe headache, usually in one area of the head, worsening in effort, accompanied by nausea and vomiting, as light and noise become unbearable. Sometimes the migraine comes with a precursor known as “aura”, which includes visual disturbances.

How is it treated?

Drug-free prophylaxis includes avoiding stress situations and various foods such as chocolate, cheese and wine that can cause pain. In treatment of migraine prescription medications are available that include anti-inflammatory drugs and depression. There are also complementary therapies, ranging from proper nutrition to acupuncture that can minimize the pain and improve the quality of life. In addition, sometimes magnesium and vitamin B12 help as a preventative treatment.

Less painful, but much more common, is the angina pectoris headache. Pain is more diffuse and dull comparing to a migraine, and it is accompanied by a feeling of pressure from the rear towards the eyes. It does not bother most daily functioning, but it produces discomfort. Treatment is with non-prescription painkillers, and in more severe cases the treatment of various prescription drugs as the treatment of migraine.

Acupuncture may help relieve migraine

How can alternative medicine help?

Acupuncture can help with severe headaches and migraines, and sometimes psychological therapy and physiotherapy help reduces of pain. In addition, there are several shiatsu pressure systems that can help those who would rather contact treatment: clicks on the eyebrows and feet to be beneficial, but only if you know how to implement them.

Children also suffer from headaches. The reasons are generally the same as for adults: fatigue, sleep deprivation, stress, excitement, too much watching of TV or computer screen, not ordered meals and too much sun exposure. In most cases, sleeping and eating regularly is enough to prevent the headaches.

In addition, drinking Coke in children and adolescents produces headaches due to the high percentage of caffeine and artificial sweetener for those that drink Diet Coke. The treatment objective is ensuring proper nutrition, reduction in beverages causes headaches, and reducing stress and tension.

Caution, Repeated headaches.

Frustrating phenomenon that occurs sometimes with standard painkiller drugs and with migraine medications, is that the pain is coming back. This usually happens after using drugs for more than 15 days. A dull pain in the beginning, and in some patients it increases and becomes a migraine.

The treatment is to stop taking the drug, in consultation with the doctor for prescription of course, and staring a “Withdrawal process”. First, the break will lead to aggravation and overcoming pain, but within a few weeks there should be an improvement, and after a few months headaches are weakened and the frequency decreases.

Stress can increase the pain.

When should I start worry?

If the headache lasts for more than 24 hours and no pill is helping, it is important to go to the doctor. Also go to the doctor if it is a seizures that repeated more than once – twice a month, or if the headache interferes with daily functioning. It is recommended to drink plenty of water, breathe some fresh air and breathe properly. In additional, do exercise, it is always good.

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