Oil Pulling – an Ayurvedic Remedy for All Diseases

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian science of medicine and health.

Oil pulling, or rinsing the mouth with oil is a wonderful therapy suggested by Ayurveda. In this method, one table spoon of sesame oil or sunflower oil is taken into mouth. It is kept in the mouth for nearly 10-15 minutes, with vigorous rinsing. This way, oil mixes with saliva, and the consistency of the oil gets more and more watery. You should not swallow this oil, as it is believed to be poisonous. It is said to pull out all the bacteria, germs, etc, from the oral cavities, and clean the whole system.

Watch a Youtube demo here

This is done usually every morning, before taking any food or drinks. After keeping the oil and swishing for 10-15 minutes, it is spat out. The oil looks yellowish when you spit it out. Then rinse mouth with clean water, and then brush your teeth.

This therapy is said to cure practically all diseases –  ranging from diabetes to skin disorders, cancer, heart diseases, arthritis, joint pains, head-aches, and what not? The cure is almost miraculous  in all cases. You have to practice it regularly for atleast 1 month to see the results, however. It cures most of the mouth related problems, like bleeding gums, etc, and the teeth become whiter.

Though there are so many theories about how it works, in general, it is believed that swishing of oil in the mouth activates enzymes, and the enzymes pull out the toxins from the system and cleans the body. Thats why this oils is considered to have toxic substances, and so you should not swallow it while swishing.

This is too easy to try, and no side effects. So why do you wait? Start right tomorrow, and enjoy the miraculous benefits of oil pulling…

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  1. I heard about Ayurveda before,but I didn’t know about this mouth rinse technique-yes,it seems very easy,as you’ve mentioned it yourself.I will make sure to try it out-what do I gotta loose?
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. thanks for the great information

  3. So suggestive.

  4. I have already heard about it, good info.

  5. It sounds pretty good. If it is just oil, how is it poisonous? I do not think I would swallow it as that would not taste too good!

  6. Sounds good, i thought to give it a shot!

  7. Never heard of this , may have to read up on it

  8. well, it is the first time i hear of this,thanks

  9. Nice work.

  10. As it seems to be a safe, simple, cheap and gentle ‘do it yourself home remedy’ that cures and prevents diseases and extends healthy life, I might as well give it a shot. Thank you for sharing this wonderful therapy.

  11. Natural therapy. I really like. I do therapy like this but a bit extreme. Maybe I’ll start writing it. Your therapy, including new insights and I feel happy to get it. How about using coconut oil? I am waiting for information from your

  12. Hi abah animasi, thanks for your interest. You can use any edible oil for that matter. For an exhaustive list, you can refer

  13. A unique therapy. But I’m pretty sure with the benefits. I’ve read this therapy in a magazine. But 10-15 minutes is long enough, I mean with a mouth full of oil and saliva. Occasionally I’ll try it. Thank you for sharing this information for us all.

  14. I liked your post.It’s very organized and informative.

  15. Interesting… it’s not one that I see myself trying every morning though!

  16. Good one. Liked it.

  17. this is avery useful article with wise suggestions and technique of rinsing the mouth with oil on a regular basis. Thank you. Best wishes.

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