One in Three Women Suffer From Excessive Hair Fall

One in three women suffer from excessive hair fall, which brings psychological impact, such as low self-esteem; know the causes and how to stop them.

They also lost! female alopecia

There are many treatments for hair loss, although it is best to consult an expert to recommend the proper

One of the physical problems and image that haunts the male, is certainly the subject of baldness. As we know, also called alopecia, hair loss is excessive, a problem that can be generated by physical factors and also by some external.

This issue is no longer exclusive to men, because at present it is estimated that 30 percent of the female population suffers from it, ie one in three women have to deal with this situation that seems to have no remedy. that a woman to experience hair loss in excess it is a more difficult problem to overcome than that of a gentleman, since no female who does not feel much fear with only think I could stay bald, besides that this situation affects them psychologically, because their low self-esteem considerably, which could lead to severe depression.

Javier Merenda, renowned stylist, makeup artist and image consulting expert, who spoke to us in detail on this subject, which has gained importance in recent years women in various sectors around the world.

The stylist explains that hair, being part of a living organism, it also has a life cycle, its duration is three to four years, then falling and can be born and grow a new one. On the scalp, on average, there are about 100 000 hairs and usually a person can lose between 50 and 100 of these a day.

Specialists diagnosed with alopecia when someone fall over when the hair is usually thinner than normal, when a short time to grow is broken due to the weakening of the root because there is less blood supply to this area of ​​the body.

The reasons why a woman loses hair in large quantities are very diverse, the most common we list below:

1. Genetics. This factor determined by genes and inheritance is more common to occur in men, but women have a tendency to lose hair quickly and in abundance by genetic factors.

2. Stress. Perhaps this is the most common reason a problem that all women face every day, they must bring to the surface both the professional and personal lives. If a woman is very tense, blood flow is reduced, which causes the hair follicle does not receive the necessary nutrients, causing the hair to fall. This situation can be controlled and is usually temporary.

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