One in Three Women Suffer From Excessive Hair Fall

One in three women suffer from excessive hair fall, which brings psychological impact, such as low self-esteem; know the causes and how to stop them.

3. Thyroid problems. This gland is responsible for producing various proteins and oxygen-consuming multiple cells of the body. If there is any irregularity in its operation, the hair turns out to be one of the most affected, as it thins and dries out considerably.

4. A poor diet. It is common for women to undergo various weight loss diets without consulting a specialist, many of these diet plans produce anemia, which results in hair loss. However, if carbohydrates are consumed excessively, then the sebaceous glands produce more fat in the hair follicle, which causes the hair to become dry, to weaken and therefore fall.

5. By hormonal problems. Women experience hormonal variations and changes in different stages of life. For example, contraceptive use, pregnancy and lactation are periods when you may experience a considerable drop of hair, the same happens when going through menopause, as there is a decrease in estrogen production, which affects the composition of the scalp.

6. Drugs. Some drugs alter hormone function, others contain substances that can dry the scalp.

7. Diseases and infections. There are various chronic diseases like diabetes, which eventually weaken the hair follicles, the same way, and although we do not see with the naked eye in your head might be staying fungi that eventually destroy the strength of the scalp.

8. Use of chemicals. The implemented a number of chemicals such as paint and gels for hair daily as well as dyes and bases in excess, eventually undermine the health of our hair.

9. Hairstyles. The rush of everyday life make most women with wet hair comb, making ponytails or braids too tight, not realizing that the tension being generated in the scalp, ultimately weakens the hair.

10. Use irons and dryers. The iron used in excess, ends dehydrate the hair, creating that eventually fall off, while the dryer, applying too much hot air, dry and clog pores, thus preventing hairline.

What if we realize that we experience hair loss in excess, which is found everywhere and on the pillow when you wake up?

Merenda explained that currently there are many treatments and products that advertise in various media, such as shampoos and bulbs that promise a solution to this problem, without being actually as effective as at first glance seem.

“The supermarket shampoos that supposedly prevent hair loss are too cheap for what they promise, also remember that they are made for whole family use it and thus save the expense of home, so they are made based on various chemicals that are not necessarily appropriate to treat the problem, “he said.

To slow down excessive hair stylist recommends the following:

1. Drink two liters of water daily to hydrate the scalp and prevent drying.

2. Lower consumption of caffeine and if you smoke, try to quit.

3. Eating a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, low fat.

4. Make it a good haircut that allows you to comb your hair easily and without using products and tools.

5. Choosing the appropriate gel or spray your scalp and that suits your needs.

6. Ensure tie hair when dry, because moisture all it does is open the capillary pores, which makes hair fall.

7. Try not to wash your hair daily with shampoos and conditioners that do it three times a week is enough.

8. Avoid using the dryer and iron daily.

9. Go with a professional stylist to recommend a suitable treatment to stop hair loss. According to Merenda, now the best is one called k.therapy of Lakmé, because their range is very broad and provides solutions to various problems related to female hair loss.

10. Gently massage in circular motions to the scalp with the fingertips, which will cause it to stimulate and regularize blood flow.

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