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Gout is a condition that you do have control over, learn more since knowledge lead to power; and Gout is one things you want the power to control.

Having Gout It Sounds “Dirty”

                Hearing that a person has gout, gives many people an impression of dirt, filth and things of that nature, but what is gout? No not something to do when repairing the tiles in your bathroom or kitchen. When a person is said to be suffering from Gout it usually means a flare up of a form of arthritis. Well how does one know they have gout, what are the symptoms and how does one care for gout?

                Well for starters, if you have gout in usually occurs in your joints, your first experience will usually affect the joint of your big toe, it will last about 10 days; you will experience pain, stiffness, and for some there is a feeling of heat when touching the inflamed area.

                For some the attacks may come and go quickly, while for others the attacks will become more frequently and last longer. Each attack will bring more discomfort and pain; over time it may spread to other joints throughout your body.

                 As the years pass the gout pain and discomfort with become worse that is why you need to contact your doctor immediately. Your goal is to stop gout in its tracks, you can control it.

                If you have gout and have had it for some time you may develop tophi, which are bumps that develop under the skin, surrounding your joints that have gout flare ups.  If you notice these bumps or for that matter any changes in your body, you really need to mention it to your doctor.

                So what is gout? Gout is when you have too much uric acid in your body and the create crystals that “wedge” themselves into your joints. OUCH!
Rods of uric acid aiming to cause joint pain.

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  1. Good informative article. I have never thought about gout being a dirty word. That made me laugh. I do however know it is painful.

  2. a very good article, thanks for sharing

  3. When I say dirty, most people seem to associate it with plumbing, and dirty conditions.

  4. Interesting, thanks!

  5. Nice Share

  6. I wrote an article not too long ago on the topic of Gout. I know a friend who suffers from gout. He is on a diet in order to pevent flareups. Good article.

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