Patients Flee The Admission Beds as The Ebola Scare Deepens in Western Uganda

This panic is going to go on until government declares the country free of ebola. For the moment, life as many people from Western Uganda knew it will never be the same because of this ebola outbreak.

Following the death of close to 18 people as a result of the current Ebola out break in Western Uganda, it has emerged that patients who before the outbreak of Ebola had been admitted with serious non Ebola health conditions have instead decided to take full responsibility of their health by fleeing away from the Hospital into  which the first Ebola victim was admitted. Scores of the nurses who should be treating these patients are themselves under observation or admitted, sick with Ebola. The majority of the patients were seen packing their bags and leaving the wards, saying, they had rather go and die at home.

If you know the manner in which Ebola spreads, then you could possibly appreciate the fears of these Ugandans. Those who have been reported ill with the disease are mostly the relatives and friends who first accompanied the the first patients to the hospital. The other category of the vulnerable contacts are the carers who waited on their loved ones in the Hospital while they were sick. The last vulnerable category are friends and relatives who showed up to attend the funeral.

The government is trying to persuade the patients to return to the hospital but nobody is listening. Even health workers are getting very afraid. People right now do not want social gathering because they know that is the surest way to catch the disease. This panic is going to go on until government declares the country free of Ebola. For the moment, life as many people from Western Uganda knew it will never be the same again because of this Ebola outbreak.  

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  1. This is so worrying. I hope things get better.

  2. I was going to send you a message in your in box but got too busy. I had read about ebola in Uganda and I was wondering how the people of that country were handling it. Thanks so much. I hope you do not live in an area where it has the outbreak.

  3. There is a report of Ebola across the border in Kenya side too. One member of parliament mentioned this when addressing the people living along Kenya-Uganda border today, so far, one case has been confirmed positive.

  4. Oh Gaby I will pray you and your family are safe, Psalm91:11
    Neither shall any plaque come near your dwelling.
    Thanks for this

  5. interest, like information

  6. Thank you for sharing.

  7. This is a horrible outbreak and I pray for those afflicted and hope the problem can be solved shortly…

  8. Gaby my prayers are with you and all people thanks for share

  9. Gaby a wonderful article and I pray for them all I remember the last outbreak completely horrifying
    Best Wishes

  10. bleeding out of all natural openings is the most dangerous condition. Hope the medical fraternity brings out some cure for this

  11. loads of prayers and thanks for keepin us updated.

  12. Stay safe Gaby
    Agreeing with Lauralu Ps 91:11 for you and your loved ones

  13. Hope the spread of the disease is limited as much as possible

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