Pepino, Food Diabetes Prevention

If you have symptoms of diabetes, you should be careful, especially in terms of food. One of the diabetes-preventing foods are highly recommended is the fruit with a very high fiber content.

You’ve heard the name of pepino fruit? Pepino is a type of fruit that can be used as an alternative food diabetes prevention.

Pepino Physical Characteristics

The fruit is similar to eggplant, generally same size as the pear or palm grip for adults. Pepino fruit color is usually light green, slightly yellow with dark lines browned or purple. There is also a kind of pepino fruit purple-colored, stained white, and there are dark purple lines.

This diabetes-preventing foods have the texture of meat that is very similar to a melon or cucumber. Seeds are small and there in the middle of the fruit. While the flavor of pepino fruit may be a little weird on your tongue. Pepino fruit is not sweet, not too sour, almost bland in fact.

Pepino Benefits

Fruit that also often called eggplant lines proved to have remarkable efficacy in healing diseases. In addition to being food-preventing diabetes, pepino can also help heal stroke, high blood pressure, lowers bad cholesterol in the body, treating canker sores and reduce the risk of heart disease.

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  1. Great share. Never knew that it has good health benefit.

  2. pepino\’s one of my favorite… nice to know about this benefit from pepino…:-]

  3. pipino?i heard it pra ba syang cucumber?

  4. Nice to know the information. In the Philippines pepino or pipino is cucumber.

  5. great work well explained

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  41. thank you for the information about the fruit of pepino …

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