Physical Activity: A Little is Better Than None at All ..

To keep the heart healthy, two and a half hours physical activity per week are recommended. And if we make less? It is less … but not useless.

How much physical activity to protect his heart?

According to the American Heart Association, the minimum duration is 150 minutes or two hours. For the Belgian Cardiological League, the aim should be 30 minutes of walking per day. If you think these times are difficult to imagine, do not despair: a recent study (1), even below these times, physical activity is good for you and your heart.

Do not be discouraged
It is important not to get discouraged. When you feel that his efforts are useless, is a high risk of dropping completely. However, this study compiles the results of dozens of work shows that those who play sports or are physically active have a decreased risk of heart disease. Although this activity lasts less than 150 minutes per week.

The risk of heart disease does a lot with physical activity?

Any physical activity reduces the risk significantly. If you make the 2:30 recommended, the risk of heart disease decreases by 14%. If you make it double, five hours a week, the risk is decreased by 20%.Beyond that, your heart health continues to improve, but weakly.

How to increase physical activity?

This is the big question … Indeed, it is not easy to get back to sport when you have become accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle. Here are some tips:

- If the sport you off, remember that any physical activity is appropriate. Walking, climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator to your windows, gardening are perfectly acceptable forms of physical activity!
- If you are tired or unmotivated, remember, move a bit more efficient to get in shape than doing nothing … In the long run, people who are more physically active feel less tired and less depressed.
- Remember, play sports or any other physical activity is not required.This is something that will bring you pleasure and increase your well-being. It is true that this is not always apparent in the opening minutes, but it’s still absolutely true!
- Finally, do you listen first. Some people prefer to play sports surrounded, others alone, some like the rituals and equipment, other people want simplicity. As you move, your method is good!

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