Pickles: A Healthy Snack with Snap

Pickles: A Healthy Snack with Snap.

Pickles are a popular snack, accompaniment and seasoning. But did you know that pickles are also a healthy part of your diet? There are many different pickle recipes out there, but each version has its own healthy benefits depending on the ingredients that went into the brine and the method used for pickling, whether fermented or packed with vinegar. Pickles are great for most diets because not only are low in calories and low in fat or fat-free, many versions are also low in sugar.

Pickles also a healthy edition to your diet for other reasons. Pickles, which is made from cucumbers and other vegetables, are rich in fiber which is necessary for digestive health and the fight against cancer. Cucumbers and other vegetables also contain antioxidants that fight free radicals, and depending on the vegetable, can be a good source of calcium, magnesium and iron. The recommendation from health professionals is more than five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Eating pickles is a great way to get a daily serving or two of your five a day!

Spices with which pickles are made are also healthy. For example, dill and garlic, which are popular in pickles, both have the ability to regulate the growth of bacteria. dill and other spices also contain flavonoids, which is a healing addition to your diet. Mustard seeds are known to be good for the digestion of foods and even turmeric powder has medicinal properties and is believed to lower rates of Alzheimer’s disease.

Fermented pickles also have good bacteria that can control harmful intestinal microbes. When pickles are fermented, lactic acid is created. This acid helps to reduce blood fat, improve circulation and reduce high blood pressure. It also helps maintain a healthy digestive system, reintroduces beneficial bacteria in the intestines, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, and is beneficial for diabetics. In fact, one study even found that consumption of fermented products regularly contributed to lower rates of skin problems, asthma and autoimmune disorders.

Many pickles are made with vinegar. This healthy liquid has several positive properties in addition to its tangy taste. Vinegar is known to stimulate the immune system, ease digestive disorders, and can break down calcium deposits in the joints of a person. Also, vinegar is known to reduce high blood pressure and help treat urinary tract infections. It is even said to re-mineralize your bones, balance your blood pH, and fight infection. Vinegar is also antibacterial and antifungal. Inhibits the growth of the bacterium E. coli, and when used along with salt, which is common in pickling, the anti-bacterial properties are amplified.

Another common item used for pickling is apple cider vinegar. Has several additional health benefits. It not only contains various minerals, nutrients over thirty, and pectin, which is good for the heart, but also contains several essential amino acids, which are a great addition to your diet.

Pickles can be a tasty snack eaten with the confidence that you have something healthy at the same time – what could be better? Hey, even Aristotle, Thomas Jefferson, Napoleon, Cleopatra and believed in the health benefits of the pickle, and Hippocrates used for one of the first-line drugs! So if you ever needed a reason to eat more pickles, now you have it.

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