Pineapple Juice – a Quick Relief for Hypertension

As hypertensive patients seek natural relief for their ailment, the popularity of pineapple juice as a dietary supplement has increased.

       Over the years,  hypertension or high blood pressure,   has become one of the riskiest diseases in the world.  As one science periodical said,  “hypertension has become uncontrolled and taking over the world.”   (The Lancet, Cardiology Special Edition, July  2007).  In 2000, the estimated number of  adults suffering from  hypertension is  972 million, and studies show that this is expected to increase to  1.56 billion by 2025.  Persistent hypertension can become a cause for stroke, myocardial infarction, heart failure and arterial aneurism, chronic kidney failure, and death.   


       Although most patients take their prescribed medicine daily, one problem that they face is that the medicines do not offer immediate relief from its  symptoms  which  are headaches, drowsiness, confusion, vision disorders,  nausea and vomiting.   While it is true that the prescribed medicines lower down  high blood pressure,  it takes a  good many hours before the patients  feel relief  from the symptoms.  As a result,  most  have taken  natural remedies  such  as pineapple juice. 


       Many people can attest that pineapple juice is indeed a quick relief to hypertension.  Light symptoms of hypertension such as headaches and drowsiness often disappear after drinking a glass of fresh pineapple sap.  The idea and practice has become quite popular that big  pineapple juice brands have actually taken this to heart, and have included this nutritional benefit   in their advertising campaigns. 

       Pineapple is said to contain high levels of potassium which helps bring down  high blood pressure, and lowers bad cholesterol.    It contains powerful antioxidants and phytochemicals that stirs our body free from  toxin and waste substances.  Many people prefer it than other natural remedies as  garlic, fish oil and lemon grass tea,  as  it tastes better and is  more refreshing.  Other than its very affordable price, It is also more easily obtainable,  as  it  can be found and bought from the  nearest convenience store without  much difficulty. 

       One thing that has to be cleared though, is that pineapple juice can only offer relief and   is not a cure for hypertension.  Hypertensive people should still religiously take their antihypertensive medicines  daily,  and should  regard the beverage  only as  an important  dietary supplement that should be within reach  when needed. 

Sources:   Nelson, Mark.  Australian Prescriber.  Retrieved Aug 11, 2010.  ;  Oppenheimer and Fishberg,  Archives of  Internal Medicine. 1928 ; The Science Daily, August 2007  ;  Cure and Treatment, Retrieved Jan 1, 2011

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  1. Nice articles. . thanks for the share.

  2. While pineapple juice is my fav, I cant stop appreciating mango and orange as equally good stress busters for me. I think that is the “richness” that naturally come with fruits. Good post gvg.

  3. Love it actually, however, it’s not advisable to eat lots of it. It gives a certain sting on your tongue :)

    Healthy share here..thanks for such share :)

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  5. I didn’t know pineapple juice can be a relief to headaches and drowsiness,thanks for sharing this! I usually drink pineapple juice because I need lots of fiber,good thing I was able to read your article,now I can also use it for a relief on my drowsiness!

  6. You gave me another reason to love pineapple more. Paborito ko talaga ‘to. Pineapples and mango…

    Nice share… thanks for sharing..

  7. I regularly take pineapple juice for cleansing. It really has great health benefits.

  8. Thanks for sharing the info about pineapple juice.

  9. Thanks for sharing.

  10. It really does wonders for those with hypertension :-)

  11. Garlic also works well. Calamansi is also an option.

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  14. It’s news to me; I never knew pineapple juice has a good effect on hypertension.

  15. I never knew that, thanks

  16. <– loves pineapple juice and sometimes even buys a whole, raw pineapple to eat as a snack or alternative meal.

  17. pineapples are great on everything

  18. Ah, hindi ko alam ito. May natutunan ako ngayon. Thanks , pero hindi ko siguro susubukan ito. Mahirap ang may hypertension.

  19. Very informative

  20. Never heard that before although I like pineapple juice.

  21. Pineapple juice is really good. I’m not surprised it’s healthy as well.

  22. needed article . .thanks for the share. .

  23. A very important information added to the cyberworld. Great article.

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  25. Great to see some healthy information from something so delicious, too often things that are good for us do not taste very good.

  26. Awesome. I love pineapples, so this is just an added benefit.

  27. That’s easy enough, because I love pineapple.

  28. Nice one this cheers

  29. Wonderful, thanks for the article, I love pineapple juice.

  30. I love pineapple and pineapple juice,I’ll definetly drink more from now on :)

  31. I had no idea that pineapple was good for hypertension and blood pressure. It is amazing what one can learn here

  32. I love pineapple juice too. It is tasty and very refreshing. Good to know its health benefits.

  33. everyone learns new things everyday. nature provides us with many things we need like pineapples & they are an amazing fruit and delicious too .

  34. This is true. I can attest to the instant soothing relief of pineapple juice whenever I am dizzy and having migraine. After drinking a glass of it, BP check is down and back to its normal rate! And gone is my headache too.

    Thanks for the share and nice photo of the pineapple juice as well.

  35. I’ll get some soon. Thanks for the info.

  36. WOOOOW!!! I love pineapple juice! Good to know it provides quick relief to a lot of symptoms associated with hypertension.

  37. Yap, di lang masarap masustansya pa. Fruits are truly a good source of natural remedies and vitamins as well.

  38. Good information about pineapple juice and how it relieves symptoms of hypertension. It is good that you noted it isn’t a cure and people still need to take their meds.

  39. I’ve just discovered this article through your blog’s link. Really liked it… great information!

  40. I don’t like the taste of pineapples but now I think I will go get me some pineapple juice. :)

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