Pippi Kruger(3), Burn Victim! Photo Collection!

A collection of the most beautiful photo’s of this little girls’s ordeal after her burn accident!

God did a miracle! Little Pippi Kruger(3), survived a horrific accident where she sustained 80% burns over her entire body! 

The accident that took place on New Years Eve 2012, was an horrific incident that shook the Kruger family. Pippie was playing three meters away from where her daddy was starting the fire to have a barbecue. The fire lighting gel, that her daddy used, exploded in a ball of fire, and landed on Pippie. She got severely burned!


The three year old sustained extreme severe burns. And was in a critical condition!

Pippi was sedated for most of the time and on a ventilator. Her mom and dad tried to keep up their strength! There unshakable faith in God is amazing, and this story is inspiring! This little girl survived against all odds, and with God keeping her in the palm of His hand!

Pippi spend most of her time in the hospital ICU!

The once beautiful little angel face turned into a face of scared tissue, and eyes fear and pain!

Pippi and her grand father before the accident!

Like a little doll with curly blond hair, and brave with her grand father, never knowing what was to come! No one of us ever wishes our children to get hurt in this terrible way, or even other people’s children. This was so sad, what happened to this beautiful little angel!

Pippi got special cloned skin grafts, the first done in South Africa!

Here Pippi was recovering from her skin graft operation. History was made with the first of its kind, cloned skin, from Pippi, that was transplanted to her. It was 100% successful. Everybody especially her mom and dad was extremely exited! 

Pippi’s special angel Doctor, Dr. Mia!

After the skin grafts, she is on her way to recovery! Mobilized in a chair in hospital. This little fighter, is not going to ever give up! She has a heart that is strong, and made many around the world heard go weak, when they heard her story. God is good for her and her family and He has a greater plan for them! 

Pippi and her Mother!

By her side 24/7!

After the skin Grafts!

Being able to sleep on her tummy, is so nice! She is doing so well!

Pippi holding her angel Doctor’s hand!

Time to Go!
Finally, in her doctor’s arms! It is time to go, six months in hospital, with these angels, looking after her! She is to be released and will spend some time in a rehabilitation clinic, until she will finally go home!

In the ambulance with her mother!
All smiles on there way to the rehabilitation clinic! Pippi is alive today, because God was there, because people believed and prayed, and because Pippi never gave up fighting!

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