Plant Foods Scientifically Proven to Enhance The Body’s Resistance Against Diseases

Although there are many factors affecting man’s health, the absence of plant foods in the diet is one of the major contributing factors in the development of chronic diseases and poor self-healing. It has been said that it is quite impossible to improve one’s health without plant foods in the diet. Healing here is referred to as the body’s innate ability to restore its normal functioning. Drugs have nothing to do with it, except for antibiotics since its effects in killing germs at least lessens the load of the immune system. The food we eat contributes to our health or disease. Scientists and researchers have proven that simply eating plant sources (vegetables and fruits) is good for our body and to our immune system in particular.

4.   Grape seed extract (vitis vinifera)

This bioflavonoid complex was recently discovered to be 20X more potent than vitamin C and 50X more potent than vitamin E. Grape seed extract contains proanthocyanidin (OPC), which is known to be a very power antioxidant. These oxidants provide electrons that neutralize free radicals, molecules and unpaired electrons, unstable in form and causing damage to celss and deposition of bad cholesterol. Free radicals have the power to cause degenerative and life-threatening diseases. Grape seed extract has been scientifically documented to:

a)    Enhance capillary strength and vascular function, which is helpful for the heart, decrease pre-menstrual syndrome problems, bruising, edema from injury or trauma, varicose veins, legs swelling and retinography.

b)   Increase peripheral circulation and improve vision

c)    Enhance immune resistance.

d)    Reduce skin aging and loss of elasticity

e)    Reduce adverse allergic and anti-inflammatory responses

5.   Jin-lin ginseng

Known throughout the world as the “king of herbs”, ginseng has been used to reduce physical, emotional and mental stress by increasing oxygen-carrying red blood cells and immune-stimulating white blood cells. Research have shown that ginseng is effective in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and preventing the development of cancer. The root is also used to treat amnesia, anorexia, asthma, cough, diabetes and high blood pressure.

6.   Soy beans

Although many food and supplements claim to lower the risk of cancer,  soy compounds appear to be the most promising. Known as the “magic bean” and “yellow jewel”, researched identified an estrogen-like substance called isoflavone found in it that lowers the risk of breast, lung and colon cancer; lowers blood cholesterol levels, reduces bone loss after menopause and enhances defense against diseases. Studies in healthy subjects have shown that soy proteins have lower workload for the filtering structures of the kidneys compared to animal proteins in the form of meat, eggs and dairy products.

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