Postpartum Amnesia: When Memory Disappears After Childbirth

Many women report memory loss shortly after childbirth and sometimes during the last trimester. What causes these memory lapses? Why should a woman suffer amnesia after childbirth? What causes postpartum amnesia?

Causes of post-partum amnesia

Studies reveal that three major factors are responsible for memory loss after parturition. While not all women are affected, those who are lose their memory due to hormonal changes, stress and lack of enough sleep, and constant lactation.

Hormonal changes

Pregnancy and childbirth result it a sharp variation in the concentration of various hormones resulting into temporary memory loss in women shortly after childbirth. The rapid change in serum concentrations of estrogen, progesterone and follicle stimulating hormone is enough to result into post-partum amnesia. The body itself should be able to regulate hormone levels with time.

Stress and lack of sleep

New mothers rarely sleep due to stress and anxiety. They are awake when the child is awake and remain awake or fail to sleep sufficiently after the baby goes to sleep. Worrying about the baby may lead to sleeplessness hence further aggravating the situation. When the brain doesn’t rest, memory loss may result. Taking turns with a spouse when attending to the baby and getting adequate sleep helps remedy this. Taking short naps during the day also assists the new mother stay in control of her faculties.


Lactating mothers lose a lot of minerals and nutrients during breastfeeding leading to memory loss. Loss of minerals such as zinc and essential sugars such as glucose which is necessary for brain function may lead to temporary amnesia among new mothers. Taking supplements and feeding on small rations regularly should improve memory and prevent postpartum amnesia.

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  1. A very rare case, thanks 4 sharing.

  2. I’m new to all these. Husbands do get amnesia when its their turn to wake up.

  3. Sometimes it lasts a lot more than just months after childbirth, its been nearly five years and I still have a memory loss :-P I used that last picture in my poem I Live on In You Loving Heart!!!

  4. Have to agree with Sharif, fathers do suffer from perpetual memory loss too which is why mum planned two kids on their wedding anniversary not leaving a chance to forget the memorable date…. :D

  5. I read somewhere that mothers loose some of the IQ ,LOL. But I am still smart, I should say!

  6. So I suppose I can’t still claim post-partum amnesia nearly 19 years after my last child was born? I’ll have to find a new excuse. :D

  7. Glad to know the causes so that women can do something to cope with it. Very helpful information.

  8. I used to stay awake the whole night and then sleep from morning till afternoon when my daughter was born.

  9. a joke…
    all women suffer post partum amnesia, they forget how annoying is to have to listen to a new mother brag on and on about her new baby.

  10. Interesting one jimmy cheers

  11. Very interesting one. I have never heard of this problem.

  12. I like it.

  13. nice warning. Thanks.

  14. I had this with my first son, but I was too afraid to tell anyone. It wasn’t until we were filling out a form and I needed my middle name and just could not recall it. I had to ask my husband if he knew it . The cat was out of the bag after that.

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