Infections with measles and chicken pox viruses are confined to man and occur worldwide.

Sometimes an infection can affect our whole body. This is called systemic infection. These infections can be contagious too.

Once we have suffered any infection like chicken pox, measles and any other infection, the body gets immune against it. We do not catch the disease again in our lifetime.

 The infection is recognized and body remains safe from the attack. We must take care of our health too, for it is said “Prevention is better than cure”. We should always keep our body clean, for a dirty body attracts germs. We should also take healthy diet and avoid food from local stalls as it is not hygienic. It can give bad stomach or throat to anyone.

Measles spreads through cough and sneezes and are common in children. In measles, bright pink or red rashes appear on face and body.

Chicken pox spreads by direct or indirect contact with affected person. It starts with fever and rashes on the body within 24 hours of catching the infection.  

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