Pregnancy and Crohn’s Disease Management

Pregnancy puts enormous strain on women that those with prior ailments need to take precautions to safeguard their well being.

Pregnant women who are infected have this constant nagging fear in their mind about their fate and the fate of their baby because of the Crohn’s disease. They ask questions like, will my baby be infected? Will it cause any deformity for my baby? There is comfort for these women because like every other pregnant woman they will have normal babies.  Infection for the baby is a 50%. However any child that gets infected at a tender age is more affected than one who gets infected in adulthood. They usually have stunted growth and have slow sexual development.

It is indeed advisable for women with Crohn’s disease to discuss it with their doctor before they get pregnant. This is because if the Crohn’s disease is active and is not in remission, fertility is usually a problem for such women. Another contributing factor is the fact that the drug used when this disease is active reduces fertility both in men and women. It is worthy of note that fertility returns to normal after the drug has been stooped and the disease in remission. This is the right and appropriate time for a woman to get pregnant-remission period.

In the third trimester of an infected woman’s pregnancy, there will be an increase in the symptoms of the disease. This is very common with women who conceived in their time of remission. It is comforting to know that these symptoms respond to medications during pregnancy. They are however advised to stop medication the moment they get pregnant except in the face of flare-ups.

Some women who have inactive Crohn’s disease during the time of conception hardly ever experience symptoms during pregnancy but have an increased flare up immediately after pregnancy. This is believed by doctors to be as a result of hormonal changes and available healthcare review journals support this position.. 

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