Purple Passion Fruit Relieves Painful Knees From Osteoarthritis

Do you have painful knees from osteoarthritis? An extract from the purple passion fruit may help to relieve those sore knees. Find out how purple passion fruit peel fights inflammation.

If your knee hurts, you’re not alone. Osteoarthritis is a growing problem – and people are looking for safe and natural ways to relieve painful knees. When a knee hurts from osteoarthritis pain, most people reach for a prescription anti-inflammatory medication – but recent studies show these drugs have serious side effects including an increased risk of heart attack. Is there a natural way to fight inflammation that doesn’t involve a prescription?

Purple Passion Fruit May Fight Inflammation in Arthritis Sufferers

The purple passion fruit is a sub-tropical plant native to South America. According to a recent study an extract from this plant called passion fruit peel may fight inflammation associated with osteoarthritis.

When researchers gave volunteers with osteoarthritis either 150 milligrams daily of passion fruit peel extract or a placebo for two months, the group who took the passion fruit peel extract had less knee pain and stiffness at the end of the study. When their symptoms were measured using a special osteoarthritis index, their ability to function had increased. Good news for people with painful knees who don’t want to take prescription drugs!

How Does Purple Passion Fruit Peel Fight Inflammation?

Purple passion fruit is a rich source of natural plant pigments called bioflavonoids. These bioflavonoids are strong antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory properties – and they may help with more than just arthritis pain. Another study shows that purple passion fruit peel fights the airway inflammation that asthmatics experience during an asthma attack. In fact, purple passion fruit peel extract reduced the frequency of asthmatic symptoms by 80% in one study. Such is the power of passion fruit bioflavonoids.

Should You Take Purple Passion Fruit Peel for Painful Knees Due to Osteoarthritis?

Larger, longer term studies are needed to confirm its benefits, but its ability to fight inflammation looks promising. Unfortunately, purple passion fruit peel is difficult to locate since most health food stores don’t carry it yet. Until more is known and this supplement is more widely available, you can reduce inflammation naturally by eating more fruits and vegetables – and add more turmeric to your foods. It’s a natural inflammation fighter. Other natural anti-inflammatory foods that look promising are omega-3 fatty acids and tart cherry extract. Talk to your doctor about these if you have painful knees from osteoarthritis.


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