Rare Syndrome, Sleep Asleep for Two Months

Seeing the condition of our minds Comerford Stacey might be thrown into a fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty” fictional Brothers Grimm. Children’s fairy tale which tells of a beautiful princess who slept for 100 years due to the curse.

Comerford is not affected by the curse to have the same thing. But 15-year-old girl Telford, Shropshire, England, this rare syndrome, which allowed him to sleep for a few weeks of nonstop, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Condition that made him miss some important events in life such as school exams and birthdays. Doctor’s diagnosis led to the Sleeping Beauty syndrome, is estimated only affects one of every 1,000 people.

“There was never any warning before the attack appeared sleepy. I even once found him lying asleep on the kitchen floor,” said the mother, Bernie Richards, 53. “The latest attack put him to sleep soundly for two months.”

During long periods of sleep experience, Comerford can still do a number of activities such as waste water into the toilet or take food and drinks in the kitchen. But, all that he did with the eyes closed condition and without conscience.

In ’sleep mode’ that kind, Comerford also can still enjoy eating mouthfuls of his mother. “But, when awake, he could not remember or feel the bed length. He considers it as the next day,” said Richards.

Not only disturbed sleep patterns, it makes Comerford syndrome often behave like little children. Once entering a period of hibernation, the beautiful girl was soon acting like five year olds.

While still close my eyes and drift awareness, Comerford could suddenly gloomy. Track-jejakkan feet to the floor if his wish was fulfilled. “I like having two different child at home. Children 15 years and five years.”

Richards said that her daughter began to show strange symptoms a year ago. At first just feel tired all day and have trouble concentrating in school. New March actual diagnosis came after a long sleep attacks appear several times.

Although rare, Sleeping Beauty Syndrome tend to attack the teenager. Unclear causes and treatment methods, a definite number of cases occur after the patient has an infection or a specific illness.

To the BBC, Tom Rico of Rare Sleep Disorders Research Center at Stanford University, California said, “Someone with the syndrome, it would have episodes of sleep that usually lasts between one to three weeks with cognitive impairment. They can sleep anywhere and never have a memory about everything that happened during it. “

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