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Hives is a skin disease that comes suddenly and sometimes goes suddenly. It is a raised small skin bumps on your arms or face mainly. The bumps are a little more reddish than other allergic reactions and causes severe and painful itching. Hives affects your life in general and your social life in particular due to the un wanted skin blotches that affect your look and becasue these patches are so clear to the eyes, it will affect your self esteem. The good news is that hives is harmless and do not affect the other body systems. In the following lines you will learn more what are hives and how they are formed so you can avoid this disease or at least reduce it.
Scientists have proven that the rate of hives have been increasing lately due to the artificial foods and pollutions.
Hives or urticaria as it is medically known is a result of the high level of histamine in the blood. Histamine is a substance that is released in your body when there is an allergen. Histamine causes the allergic reaction such as itching, red spots on your skin. It makes the fluid leak from the small vessels under your skin and forms the raised skin blotches, which appears in patches.
Urticaria or hives are either acute or chronic. If hives stayed less than 5 weeks, it is called “acute hives”, and if it lasts more than 5 weeks it is called “chronic hives” and this one is usually the one with unknown causes.
Symptoms of Hives
Sudden itching
Red skin welts
Swelling of the lips, tongue and in some cases the whole face will swell.
Low self esteem
Muscle pain
The causes of this uncomfortable disease:
Foods such as eggs, processed food, diary products, banana, soy products, chocolate, oranges, gluten, peanuts, hydrogenated fats, and almonds
Medications including antibiotics
Insect bites              
Sudden cold weather
Viral infections
Pollution including Air pollution, water pollution and even your daily cosmatics and skin care products.
The treatment includes
Antihistamine: seldane, atarax, these medications will reduce the itching and the swelling. It also reduces the number of these blotches.
Eliminates all the allergens
Reduce stresses. So try to make a plan to spend your day in a relaxing spa, read comedy books or hire a movie. Forget lifes stresses, hateness and all the work problems, family and kids and last but not the least money issues for some time. Relaxation boosts your immunity system and thats reduces your skin reaction.
And because it is a recurrent skin allergy, people tried natural treatment and in some cases the treatment worked and decreases the symptoms. The treatment includes:
Low histamine food, and that is good because it reduces the histamine in your blood and eventually it will reduce the symptoms. The food includes fruits, fibers, drink water and green tea.
You need to see your doctor first before you can try any medications as there are some blood works to be done before you start taking any medication.

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