Reasons for Chronic Chapped Lips

Beautiful lips add to the beauty on any face. Rosy soft and smooth lips will catch the attention of anyone. Here in this article we see the major causes for dry lips that make your look unpleasant. Before buying any medication try to find out the reasons for your condition.

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 Chronic chapped lips are a result of very dry skin on the lips. A severity of chronic chapped lips is not only hurting but also gives unattractive look. Beautiful lips add to the beauty on any face. Rosy soft and smooth lips will catch the attention of anyone. Here in this article we see the major causes for dry lips that make your look unpleasant. Before buying any medication try to find out the reasons for your condition.

 Winter: Loss of moisture result in chapped lips. It caused due to the loss of natural oils that happens due to cold dry winds. Repeated licking on those days leave the condition severe. Take minimum of four liters of water per day and maximum of as much you can. Apply cool wet cloth to hydrate lips. Try to moisture your lips with lip balm.

 Nutrients deficiency: Vitamin B, essential fatty acid and iron deficiencies results in severe cracked lips. Make sure that your body is not deficient of vitamins and minerals. You can also take multivitamin and mineral supplement after consulting with the physician.

 Excess of vitamin A: excessive vitamin A in the body may causes ingesting excessive vitamin B12.This result in cobalt allergy. This allergy causes hard and swollen lips.

 Metal objects: metal objects like paper clips also plays major role in causing swollen lips what most people don’t aware. It causes serious allergic reactions on lips.

 Citrus fruits:  A juice from citrus fruits causes irritation on the lips. Potato-toxic reactions occur on the lips that causes chapped and unattractive lips.

 Red dye: It is the most common allergen that found in many eatables .It also found in products what we use commonly in our day to day life. Some examples are candies, gum, mouthwash, lozenge, etc.Be very careful while using products with red dye.

 Lipsticks: Ingredient propyl gallate presents in lipsticks which causes contact allergy. Make sure that the lipsticks which you are using are branded and it is suited to your skin type. Besides lipsticks many lip care products also causes swollen lips. Lipsticks and lip care products are major allergens responsible for dry lips.

Toothpaste: Toothpaste is the common thing we use regularly in our day to day life. It is one of the most common reasons for cracked lips as it contains contact allergen guaiazuline. Various toothpaste brands are available in the market. Change the toothpaste if you find that it is the reason behind the chapped lips.

Thus, above mentioned factors are the major reasons behind chronic chapped lips. Find the reason for your chapped lips exactly and get the remedy for it. Natural medication is best suited way to cure the lip would be always better to consult with skin doctor before going for any medication.   

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  17. The cold weather is primarily the cause of chapped lips. When lipstick dries up, it also causes lips to flake. Lip balm or vaseline is good to treat this condition. Also, an old toothbrush can really remove all that dead skin.

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