Reduce Your Alzheimer’s Disease Risk

Some simple tips that are easy to follow.

Fun and games reduce Alzheimer’s disease risk. Here’s how to help your brain:

  1. If it’s active, it counts. If you’re interested in playing the piano, reading political biographies, or breeding a new variety of orchid, then go for it. Anything that involves learning and that you also enjoy is a good choice. So choose activities you like.
  2. Devote several hours a week. People with the lowest risk of Alzheimer’s spent 3 to 8 hours each pursuing their active pastimes.
  3. Be a generalist. Enjoying a wide range of activities seems to lower your risk even more.

Intellectual pastimes such as enjoying books, games, and music seemed to lower risk the most. So did physical pursuits such as team sports and walking. Many seemingly passive pastimes (listening to music, socializing, or talking on the phone) were also protective.  Being glued to the TV seemed the increase the risk of Alzheimer’s, because watching TV does not involve active learning. 


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