Relaxation Exercises for Better Sleep

Relaxation exercises for better sleep.

Exercitii de relaxare pentru un somn mai bun

Stay the night staring at the ceiling and get angry because you can not sleep? 

Although the causes may be multiple remedies exist. Some of them are: balanced diet, avoidance of incentives such as coffee, chocolate and alcohol before bed, but exercises and relaxation techniques.

All this can help you fall asleep easily and wake up rested in the morning. However, if insomnia persists, ask your doctor. Persistent insomnia can sometimes indicate serious health problems.

I present below some simple exercises you can perform even in bed, exercises that are designed to relax and prepare for a restful sleep.

Exercise 1

Lie down on the bed, face and feet pointing toward the wall.
Stretch your legs on the wall, so they are fat on the wall and form an angle of 90 degrees with the stems.
Stretch your arms at your sides, palms facing the ceiling.
Stay in this position and concentrate on breathing, so that you inhale and exhale as fair.
Duration of exercise: 2 minutes

Exercise 2

Stay “turkey” on the bed, legs folded under you.
Put right hand on left knee and left arm supported on the bed, behind the waist.

Gently twist your torso to the right.
Stay in this position for several seconds, then repeat the move in the opposite direction.
Duration of exercise: 2-3 minutes.

Exercise 3

Lie on your bed on your back with knees bent.
Glue the feet of one another, and let your knees fall outward, to form a diamond with legs.
Relax your hands and spread them on your side.
If you feel stiff legs, put one pillow under each knee.
Duration of exercise: 3-5 minutes.

Exercise 4

Sit comfortably with your feet under you, so stick with the ass on your heels.
Lean forward, resting your head on the bed, in your face.
Bring knee chest as much as possible and stretch your arms on the bed before
Relax and breathe properly.
Duration of exercise: 5-7 minutes.

Exercise 5

Stay lying on your back and knees to your chest.
Crosses legs and grab them with your hands in the tibia.
Inhale and swing your body forward, then ends when you return to starting position.
Continue the exercise for one minute, then lie in bed and relax.

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