Remedies for Warts

Warts are a common problem in many people. Warts are caused because our body does not have its highly fortified defense systems and therefore, viruses that cause it can easily enter.

The most common virus in the spread of warts, Human Papilloma Virus, although this virus is almost harmless, it lies dormant in the body and when our defenses are weakened, the warts appear again.

Therefore it is essential before treating warts, eradicate the virus from our body, so avoid the warts reappear again after a time or to the weakness of our defenses.

Warts are usually harmless, but they are very uncomfortable, especially unsightly, so people have sought, developed and implemented several home remedies for warts that have been highly effective.

Medical treatments:

Unlike home remedies, medical treatments offer possibilities that become necessary at times (the case of genital warts or warts easily spread and difficult to eliminate) and represent the only solution for some people, some of medical treatments warts are:

Cryotherapy, remove warts through cryogenic freezing, this treatment burns the wart from the root. This technique is broadly used today, although it affects the dermal environment where the wart is. Removal by laser or scalpel, this must be done by a specialist.

Home remedies for warts.

The great advantage of home remedies for warts, is that these are much less harmful to the skin and even prevent many of them we have the marks of scars, but many of them can be slow, although the vast majority act quickly and effectively.

The home remedies for warts usually have strong cultural roots and products used to remove antibacterial and regenerative effects have on our skin.

Leaves of calendula oil: the oil of marigold leaves, applied on the wart for several times a day (about 20 times a day) every day, achieved end it.

Castor oil: Castor oil should be applied to the wart and also at various times of the day, every day, so the wart will disappear completely.

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