Runny Nose When Eating? That’s Gustatory Rhinorrhea, Here’s the Remedy

Many people suffer from a runny nose while eating. it’s annoying and embarrassing. Here’s the way to stop your nose from running.

If you get a profusely runny nose when eating, you are not alone. The runny nose or Gustatory Rhinorrhea, is annoying and embarrassing. The good news is that it’s not life threatening and there is help.

Gustatory Rhinorrhea could be a reaction to the temperature of the food, either hot or cold. Gustatory Rhinorrhea could be a runny nose reflex set into motion by the actions of chewing and swallowing. No one knows the exact cause of Gustatory Rhinorrhea, but there is help that will stop that runny nose and help you eat without an annoying, embarrassing runny nose.

The nasal spray, Atrovent, used before eating will stop the runny nose of Gustatory Rhinorrhea. So can antihistamines taken about an hour before you eat. Antihistamines do have different effects on people, some antihistamines cause drowsiness, so you might need to experiment with a few brands before finding an antihistamine that works for you.

Don’t use the nasal spray and take antihistamine pills at the same time, an don’t use either one all the time. Save the medication for social eating occasions when you don’t want to have a runny nose while eating.

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  1. Thanks, but why has it started after 80 years of life??

  2. Mine started at about 45 and my mother at about 70. At least that’s when I noticed it. I used to think it wa a response to spicy food, but now it’s everything.

  3. mine started after a knee surgery at 59?

  4. mine started for like forever, im only a 17.

  5. My boyfriend has this problem, but his is so bad that he has to go to the bathroom and blow his nose and hack/spit or he feels he will suffocate.

  6. While a runny nose when eating can be simply from eating spicy foods or medication related, it can also be a sign of swallowing difficulty. Some of the signs and symptoms of swallowing difficulty are coughing/throat clearing and/or choking when eating and chronic pneumonia. If you should notice any of these symptoms, I would suggest consulting your physician and possibly consulting a Speech-Language Pathologist for a swallowing evaluation.

  7. I just started this in the last 6 months, it stinks!!! Im 35. I assume it’s because of the new meds I take for migraines, I don’t know but maybe the reason after reasearching this issue…

  8. Mine just started at 51, I have had 6/7 operations in the last 10 years and am on many medications I am also diabetic insulin controlled. My nose has become very runny and I need to blow it mid meal while eating hot or cold will it right itself with time ?

  9. mine just started last month after a cold!!! its awful!

  10. It is strange. Mine started maybe 2 month ago. I thought it will go away. :( I can’t find what is causing it. I just had milk with serial but barely warm. One wipe at the end of eating and it’s gone. It doesn’t continue.
    Info: 43. Had operation 4 years ago. not on meds since more than a year. Have seasonal allergies since the last 20 years. Has nothing to do with that.
    This needs more research.

  11. I don’t know if this is true but I read that this is a symptom of an iodine deficiency.

  12. You are allergic to what you are eating maybe. Sometimes gluten/ celiacs.

  13. Thank goodness for this site. I thought it was just me that had a runny nose only when I eat, What a relief to know its rather common, It doesnt matter if its a sandwich or a meal, Hot or Cold, I get it…..

  14. my uncle have this problem i sure atrovent will help us let make it try …………………………
    thanks for give a knowledge

  15. I have this and Im 19!! :(

  16. My nose runs when I eat also and it does not matter what I eat. It started when I was about 24 along with all my other health problems. Rinatec (ipratropium bromide) has helped me though.

  17. Great article, Very informative!!

  18. I get a runny nose and watery eyes when I eat, for me it doesn’t have to be just food thats hot cold or spicy that starts mine off, just coming from outside into a warm room is enough to trigger the runs, this started about a year ago, Im 43 now.

  19. Allergies. Taking an antihistamine also has its drawbacks. It would be healthier to find out what you are allergice to. Most common food sensitivities: milk products, egg products, wheat.

  20. I started having this problem about 20 years ago (I’m now 69). It doesn’t matter what food it is, hot or cold, spicy or non-spicy, it’s all the same. It’s not allergy related either. I am relieved to hear that so many other people have the same problem, and I sympathize with all of you. I would not wish this condition on anyone, except maybe one or two people I truly dislike. I carry a small packet of tissues with me whenever I’m out and about. If I don’t have it if I stop to eat out, I ask the waitress to bring me extra napkins. I also have problems with a thick mucus in the back of my throat which causes eating problems as well. I’ll be happy to see if something comes along that will help.

  21. I really thought I was the only person who had this problem! It is annoying and got so bad to the point where my nose was beginnng to become raw from all the wiping. Finally I made an appointment with an ear,nose and throat doctor and he told me about this condition. He prescribed me the astepro nasal spray and I take it about 30 min before I eat and it really works! It is so awesome to finally be able to enjoy a meal without having to constantly wipe my nose.

  22. Mine happens usually right when I start eating. I can either sniffle for the whole meal or get up and blow my nose, but it goes away after blowing my nose once. It builds up again much more slowly throughout the meal and I might just blow my nose again after I am done. What some people here made me realize is it may have to do with my constant need to clear my throat or swallow phlegm. I drink water constantly — never without a water bottle at my side — and that is both a habit and a way to wash away the crap in my throat. When I am spoken to I usually need to clear my throat before speaking and during speaking or my voice will crack and rasp and sound disgusting. Very embarassing! I am only 18! As I can remember I was not like this for my whole life but it has been going on for so long I cannot estimate. Now I don’t talk so often because I don’t like how my voice messes up.

  23. For me, this started in my early 70s and is greatly helped by Atrovent. I need it at every meal. I have kept food detailed food diaries and found is not connected with any food allergy. If you have the problem, it is very annoying and will affect your
    life. Take the medication, it’s worth it.

  24. Finally, an intelligent website about nasal drip whil eating. I thank you. Good grief, the number of websites with nada, nothing, zilch amaze us.

  25. Yes, because that would mean I\’m allergic to EVERYTHING I\’m eating…

  26. Yes, because that would mean Im allergic to EVERYTHING Im eating…

  27. Christina,

    What you are describing is exactly what I’m experiencing. Have you found a solution yet?

  28. My nose runs with any exertion at all. I get out of the shower and I have to blow my nose the first thing. If I’m cooking in the kitchen, my nose runs. It is very annoying. The doctor gave me some pills to take but they dry me up so bad that I can only take them in an emergency.

  29. I experience the same condition since i knew myself. its very embarrassing. i just went to my GP and he checked my nose and said that i have a very different cavity and looks like inflamed. i will be going to the ENT hospital soon to get this checked up.

  30. I have had this condition for about 10 years, I’m 59 now.My nose runs when I eat anyhting, and also when I’m outside in winter. It is ironic to me that the only real solution I can find to this problem is to take a nasal spray before eating – becuase I believe it was the overuse of nasal spray like Otrivin for nasla congestion that actually has screwed up my nose in the first place!

  31. I’m 27 and I have had this condition for a while. I don’t remember when it started but I can tell you I’ve had it for at least 7 years. It’s so embarrassing. I always feel so gross when I’m eating with friends. Especially every day at lunch because I eat in the teacher’s lounge with my colleagues. I’m always grabbing more and more napkins. I hate it. I’m gonna try the nasal spray thing.

  32. My dad had this. It started in his 80’s. And now I have it and it started in my early 60’s . Not only does my nose run but I perspire on my forehead and neck. . after I’m finished eating it quits.

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