Scabies Treatment – Explained

Scabies Treatment – Explained.

One particular infection that people are constantly hearing about nowadays is scabies. This particular infection is also commonly called the ‘seven-year itch’ infection as it often causes intense itching in human beings. Although, this particular infection is known to cause itching in human beings, people are constantly asking the question what is scabies as much information is not available on the infection. Individuals are increasingly asking this question as they want more information on the infection. Individuals want to know if the infection is contagious or whether it is dangerous. What is scabies? Scabies is primarily a contagious skin infection that occurs in human beings as well as animals. This infection caused by the infestation of tiny ectoparasites known as mites on a human being. The mites often burrow under the human being’s skin, which leads to several bouts of intense itching. In fact, one of the most common symptoms of this infection is severe and relentless itching. These mites often produce a skin rash that resembles and is composed of small red bumps or blisters. These bumps and blisters, which are also a symptom of scabies, can appear on any part of the body; however, it is known to frequently appear between fingers, or around wrists and elbows. This particular infection is known to mostly occur in children of all ages and is also considered to be one of the three most common skin disorders to occur in children.

The symptoms of scabies usually take around two to four weeks to appear. This can vary from person to person. Individuals, who had already suffered from a bout of scabies, can witness a resumption of the infection within one or two days. If not treated properly, scabies definitely reappears again on the human body. Scabies is also a highly contagious infection. The infection can easily be transmitted from one person to another individual through a direct but prolonged skin contact. This infection can also be easily transmitted through clothing, bedding or towels that have been used by the infected person. It is for this reason that scabies is quite prominent and quickly spreads in large families or in houses that are shared by large number of people. Thus, what is scabies? Scabies is primarily a highly contagious skin infection that is caused by mites. The infection causes intense, severe and relentless itching in human beings and children. While, there are many over the counter ointments available to treat this infection, it is always advisable to consult a doctor before buying any of the over-the-counter drugs and ointments.

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