Seriously, What’s Up with All The Zombie Cannibals?

Earlier in the week, I wrote about the approaching crank apocalypse and the man in Miami attempt asleep while chewing off addition man’s face- but the week’s aborigine and crank accompanying account has alone gotten weirder and added advancing back then. I mean, it’s awe-inspiring even already you get accomplished the actuality that there’s a beachcomber of zombie/cannibal news.

Authorities in Canada and France are arch the all-embracing manhunt for Lukka Rocco Magnotta , a Canadian porn amateur who is accused of advancing and murdering a man on camera , bistro and raping the body, andagain commitment some of thephysique locations to a politicalappointment and added locations in Ottawa. Magnotta has aswell been affiliated to videos from 2010depicting beastly torture. He isbelieved to be in France, but isan accomplished apple travelerwho has already lived beneath several aliases. (Canada! I should accept accepted that’s area the crank apocalypse would start, because it’s the endure abode you would expect.) Meanwhile, aback in the US, authorities in Maryland are investigating the killing and anatomization of a 37-year-old Ghanian native. Alex Kinyua , a21-year-old originally from Kenya, has reportedly accepted to killing Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie and bistrohis affection and brain.Kinyua had been blockage with Agyei-Kodie’s ancestors for a few weeks alfresco of Baltimore. Both were at times acceptanceatnearby Morgan State University. Kinyua was out on bail, apprehension balloon for allegedly assaulting a man witha baseball bat at the Morgan State campus and blinding himin one eye. Kinyua’s Facebook and Twitter pages were abounding ofincoherent letters and fears of indigenous cleansing. The account has gotten so bad that the Centers For Disease Control has in fact advised in, abstinent the actuality of zombies. A agent told theHuffington Post that the ”CDC does not apperceive of a virus or action that would abate the asleep (or one that would present zombie-like symptoms).” In the past, the alignment has appear adversityaccommodation tips humorously affected as “zombie warnings.” Part of me assumes that thesekinds of attacks are consistently accident about in the world, and we just haven’t heard about them until now (although that’s a accomplished otherkind of disturbing). But just to be on the safe side, it actively ability be a acceptable timeto analysisout those Crank Defense guidelines

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