Sex and Treating Warts

It’s just, people are likely to get warts is a relatively young age.

Gender warts – Lump in the sex organs could be warts, warts can grow on any skin type. It’s just, people are likely to get warts is a relatively young age. Diseases of the skin of many kinds. Need to be vigilant and careful to keep skin from becoming inflamed or infected with other diseases such as warts. Warts are often underestimated some people can have an impact hazards. Warts is one of skin disease, caused by germs Papilla Virus (HOV). HOV virus commonly found in genital warts (condom), which attacks the genital organs through sexual intercourse. Marked genital warts bumps on sex organs.

These warts can grow and develop on the skin, in the mouth, the genitals or the genitals and the anus area. Common types of HPV tend to cause warts on the skin such as the hands and fingers, other types of HPV viruses tend to cause warts in the genital area and anus or rectum. some people are naturally immune to the HPV virus and do not suffer from warts.

The lump was easily overcome if known early and get immediate treatment. If not promptly treated, the warts will develop into a chicken’s comb could even potentially become malignant. There are over 1,000 types of HOV virus.

Warts on the genitals are very contagious, can be transmitted from one person to another through oral contact or oral, vaginal or anal intercourse. Thus, it is important to not have sex with a partner who has genital warts area. Or do an intimate relationship with protective wear.

In women, warts can grow cervix area, and even a woman may not know that he has a wart area suffixing. It seems a trivial problem, but the warts are warts that are left are going to multiply quickly. It will even form a wart temple consisting of small setups but bribing amount.

Warts or there is a named meat cupola is growing section of our body. In English wart or a mole called a wart or growth on the skin as mall. As the name implies, relatively small size of the warts and the largest diameter of approximately 4 mm. Wart disease can sometimes grow back depending on what menjangkitinya virus. There are several types of warts that have been treated but may recur.

How to Treat Warts

There are several ways to get rid of a wart disease has grown in the skin. One way to treat warts is to use salicylic acid. You can treat with the use of salicylic acid in places like warts on the hands, feet or knees by putting salicylic acid on the wart. To get good results, must wear it every day in recent weeks. After bathing, pat your skin, then dry with a towel and then use or apply a salicylic acid on the wart.

Salicylic or salicylic acid in medical language is more pervasive in and will work better when salicylic acid is used in damp or wet skin. Before the bath the next day, use an emery board or pumice stone to file away the dead surface of the wart. In addition, other ways to treat warts is by using liquid nitrogen (Cryotherapy) to freeze the skin. If no result can be followed by electric surgical or surgical frozen. Also be given drugs to increase endurance. Only warts caused by HP viruses that have a tendency to relapse. If the ballast factor is a genetic disorder that makes the body resistance is low, then the patient is given drugs to increase his endurance for a lifetime. That way it will not appear even though the wart virus HOV infection. However, using Electra surgery (surgical power) is usually not recommended because the risk is high.

Therefore we must be careful with the usual diseases we take for granted, it could be harmful to the disease ourselves. As with vaginal discharge in women who sometimes women often ignore this trivial case.

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