Shopaholic Syndrome in Women

A dangerous syndrome that is portrayed in most women as they turn out to be impulse buyers.

Most women are diagnosed with this syndrome which happens to be very dangerous when this issue is evaluated from a senior angle.

Women who suffer from it are usually impulse buyers and any good stuff that they come across and it impresses them they will always buy even if its not listed under the budget. This women will even go to an extend of getting money from their friends when they dont have any with the agenda of repaying them later.

The syndrome is said to be highly addictive once your induced with its symptomps. Women who suffer from it find it hard to stop impulse buying as they drool over this items which impress them and once they buy they feel releaved.

This situation is compared to a baby who is hungry and wount stop crying until you feed it.

Are you one of the women who are affected by this shopaholic syndrome? Or is your lady suffering from this syndrome?

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