Signs of Healing From Bell’s Palsy

Healing period from Bell’s Palsy.

 Signs of Healing from Bell’sPalsy

Healing period from Bell’s Palsy varies, depending on the  damage suffered by the nerves. Usually, healing starts from the first three months. Within which, significant signs of improvement would have been observed. In some cases, healing period occurred in a longer time.

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In my case, I had to wait for four months to pass until I observed signs of healing.  It’s been one year and three months had passed already, and I could say , by now, that I am  significantly healed. Although, there is still a little concern on the muscle coordination on my left face.

It is a fact that the body  can heal itself. Daily , the damaged body organ or organs are being repaired unnoticed. To determine whether or not healing process has begun, the following experiences were noted.

1. Occurrence of minor isolated pain. The paralysed area had become insensitive from external stimuli. The very first sign of recovery, per experience, is when you feel isolated manageable pain on the affected area. At first, I was a little bit upset. But when I discovered the pattern, I would always look for painful areas to know where the healing occur. Pain indicates that  that the nerve has recovered.

2. Uncoordinated and involuntary muscle movements. During the first weeks of Bell’ Palsy, I observed  that the affected area turned out totally dead. No facial expression or muscle movements could be seen. For example, only my right eye blinks while the other got steadily opened and prone to external objects. I missed my smile very much  during those times as I appeared a double -  faced person. Later,  on my fourth months,I observed certain involuntary muscle movements on the affected area: for example, whenever I raise my right eyebrow, the muscle on the left cheekbone moves also and when I close my  eyes the  the ear on the left moved a bit. Likewise, when I make a pointing mouth figure, the left eye closes too. No matter I would try controlling the other side  of the face to establish coordination yet it was  a bit  awkward.

3.Another observation was the tightening of the muscle around the forehead. Maybe on my part, the damage brought by Bell’s Palsy was more serious, than others had,  that a lot of the muscles were greatly affected. During the initial stage , I felt, that as if my head was being divided into two halves. As if there was an imaginary line dividing my head starting from the center of the forehead right straight to nose down to my lips. When recovery started, the tightening of the muscle around my head gradually disappeared.

4. Occurrence of numbness. This is an indication also that the damaged nerves are beginning to recover. Just like with the other indications, the numbness occur on isolated area. It is not felt all over the affected areas. As you would notice later, as if, the numbness revolve around the affected areas only. Then it will be followed by tingling pain and erratic muscular movements. Continue the hot compress, if you are doing so, to help accelerate nerve revival. Continue your daily exercise too as your body needs more oxygen passing through the nerves.

Until here, more updates.

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