Signs of Sleep Deprivation, Sleep Benefits and Tips to Sleep Better

If you want your body feels fit and healthy, let’s use enough sleep!

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Have you had enough sleep? The following are the signs when you lack sleep:

  1. Reduced concentration of thought it would be difficult to focus because of the lack ofsleep duration.
  2. “Blankness ”or does not connect when you are communicating / discussing.
  3. Often forgotten due to a slight impairment in short-term memory that can make a person forgetful.
  4. become lazy when you often feel lazy cause was probably not due to ”bad mood” orbored on your activity, but could be due to your lack of sleep.
  5. Body was not fit. when you sleep, it will repair the immune system back. The brain alsowill update when your time sleeping. The body does not fit is a sign of your lack of sleep.
  6. body look fatter because they are lack of sleep does not burn extra calories.

The following are the benefits of adequate sleep for the body:

  1. Enough sleep to get rid of toxins that accumulate in the body after doing daily activities.
  2. system of the brain will work well enough when we sleep.
  3. enough sleep will make your body feel fit and fresh.
  4. enough sleep will make your body slim enough time to burn extra calories in the body.

Tips for good sleep:

  1. Avoid overtime work / stay up because it can increase stress levels and can result in insomnia.
  2. Try to relax when going to bed (do not think of anything that is done tomorrow / to read-read book that is easy to digest, book before bed) so that the mind is relaxed and can sleep calmly.
  3. You should turn off lights when you sleep so that the nerves in the body can break it.
  4. Sleep for about 7 to 8 hours.
  5. Go to sleep immediately when feeling tired.

So, if you want your body feels fit and healthy, let’s use enough sleep!

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