Simple Tips for Indigestion Problem

The root cause of most ailments is faulty eating; eat right food to keep away from these ailments.

If you are feeling heavy after eating oily and sweet foods at the recent bash. Don’t rush to pop a pill, when the solution to your problem is in the kitchen. The most common digestive problems are caused either by eating too much or too little or eating at the wrong time. But it can be rectified by watching what you eat. If you understand your body mechanism and make few changes in your dietary pattern will help to get you back on your feet after an attack of acidity or gastritis. You can cure some common problems that are caused by food with food.


An imbalance between the acid secreting mechanism of the stomach and the protective mechanism that ensures their safely is called acidity. It results when there is excess production of acid that enters the lower part of the oesophagus.

Avoid – When one has acidity, foods like lentil seed, gram seed, raw vegetables, cabbage, kidney beans, white bread, bakery products, refined flour, noodles, spinach, peanuts, dry coconut, canned food and food containing monosodium glutamate, caffeine and alcohol should be avoided. These foods either cause acidity or aggravate it. One should not have too hot or too cold meals.

Eat – Have fresh fruits and vegetables, cumin seeds. Have small and frequent meals. Chew food well so that food masticates well in the mouth, drink lot of water, sip water and not gulp it. Add few drops of lemon juice to water to increase saliva production.

When you have acidity, you feel heart burn, vomiting, bloating, cough, stomach pain and you run for an antacid.


Constipation is restriction of bowel movement because of weak colon muscles. Defecation becomes very painful and in severe cases can lead to bowel obstruction. Stress, sedentary lifestyle, side effects of medication, lack of fluid and fibre and even pregnancy can cause constipation.

Avoid – avoid refined, starchy and sugary foods and also alcohol.

Eat – have lot of food containing fibre like banana, lotus stem, beans and skinny fruits like guava, pear, plum and apple. Have lot of water at least 2 litres of water in a day.


When there is angina pain or bloating, it is a common digestive disorder caused by reflux, leading people to often mistake it as symptoms leading to heart attack.

Avoid – having late meals at night, fatty food, and tobacco, caffeine in all forms, chips, sauce and dip. Avoid eating two hours before bed time and not to immediately lie down after a meal. Avoid alcohol but a glass of wine is ok.

Eat – have small and frequent meals, half a cup of cold milk before going to bed, drinks of tarragon, cumin, fennel, mint should be taken.


It can be a result of faulty lifestyle or stress. The symptoms are inflammation of the stomach lining due to indigestion; it is more similar to acidity. It can be chronic either aggravated by medicine or age.

Avoid – foods that are spicy, chocolates, aerated beverages, foods containing fats, tomato based products and alcohol.

Eat – have foods that have high water content like bottle gourd, pumpkin, water melon, papaya.


Bloating, burping and breaking wind that can cause constant embarrassment. It happens due to acidity, indigestion and even irritable bowel syndrome.

Avoid – Lentils and legumes should be avoided if they are not soaked for eight hours or more. Avoid juicy vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, sprouts and stop taking carbonated drinks, chewing gum, bran and sweets made from dry fruits.

Eat – have high fibre foods, skinny fruits, lotus stem, raw banana and herbs such as ginger, fennel, rosemary, thyme tea, rosemary and tarragon.


It is an inflammatory bowel disease where ulcers start bleeding in the colon and rectum.

Avoid – foods which are high in insoluble fibre like bran, whole grain, potato skin, skinny fruits, dried fruit, sunflower seeds. All this foods are very healthy for a diabetic patient but bad for colitis patient. Also avoid fatty, oily and gas inducing stuff like beans and dairy products.

Eat – have sautéed and baked vegetables, baked veggies, Soya milk and decaffeinated coffee.

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