Six New Ways to Fall Asleep Faster

There are six ways to make you immediately fall asleep, which is worth a try.

There are times when we have trouble to sleep. The body has been lying a few hours, but the eye is difficult to be closed. Even if we force to close our eyes, the brain is not willing to rest. Events that pass all the day still continue to operate non-stop and the body feels very tired.

If this happens, it’s better not force yourself to close your eyes or trying various sleeping positions. There are six ways to make you immediately fall asleep, which is worth a try.
1. Make up your Bed.

Perhaps you think, “Give me a break.” But this little trick can help ensure you to sleep quickly. A new study has found that people who trim their own beds every day tends to increase the chances of a deep sleep by 19 percent. Change the sheets or blankets with a new one, and sleep on comfortable mattresses and pillows are also helpful. Fragrant new sheets or blankets that have been washed will make you become relaxed and soon
fall asleep.

2. Switch off Mobile Gadget or TV One Hour before Bedtime.

Indeed there are people who used to listen to the music or sound from the TV before sleeping. But if you are not included this group, and you insist on watching the films shown on TV or listening on the radio, you will not
able to sleep. Blue light from an electronic device could manipulate the body to think that it has been morning. So switch off your TV at least one hour before bedtime.

3. Adjust the Air Temperature.

This may be not really a new way, but experts on sleep says that the ideal temperature for sleep is about 18 degrees Celsius. The body needs a slight drop in temperature to encourage you to sleep. However, adjust also the temperature in the room to be not too cold. Too cold or too hot will make you easily awakened. Disclose your blanket if the weather is too hot.
4. Clench Your Toes.

When you start to get ready for bed, try progressive relaxation techniques. Bend your toes on seven counts, then release. Repeat through each muscle group, starting from the toes up to the neck.

5. Make a Journal.

Your daily routine affect your soundly sleep. Create a journal of your activities throughout the day. Note how much caffeine you consume every day, when and how long you exercise, what you eat, when you go to bed and wake up, and how long you sleep. In the case of sleep disorders, show your journal to physicians to find the root of your sleep problems.
6. Stop Staring at the Wall Clock.
When you sleep restlessly, or keep awake all night, the first thing you may do is checking the time. Staring at clock will trigger you to wake up. Clock increase your alertness level, and disturb your sleep. If you need
to install an alarm, put it in quite long distance from you.

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  1. thanks for the great information

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  3. Excellent tips. I do not have to worry about falling asleep. My doctor prescribed most of my mediine for night time and all are at top doses, he wants me to sleep. I only take a few in the morning and 1 in the afternoon.

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    Oh, this is another one:
    Close your eyes ;)

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  11. This is very helpful information. I seem to sleep better if I stick to a rigid routine before sleeping and turn the light out at the same time every night.

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  16. What a nice list? I’ll definitely take note of them. Thanks for the share.

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  31. I\’ll try these when Insomnia tries to creep in. Great tips

  32. I\\\’ll try these when Insomnia tries to creep in. Great tips

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